10 Fun Things You Can Do With Your Dad

Honoring dad on Father’s Day doesn’t require splurging on expensive gifts. After all, the very best family memories involve spending quality time together.

We’ve compiled a list of activities – some tried and true, and some a bit more creative – that you can enjoy with your dad on Father’s Day, a birthday or any time you want to do something special for him.

Here’s our Top Ten

  1. Stage a movie marathon: If your dad is a movie buff, pick several of his favorites for an at-home movie marathon. Set the stage by planning and prepping concession-type foods to enjoy during the shows. Enhance the experience by having everyone in the family rate each movie, then end the evening by declaring a winner!
  2. Saddle up for a bike ride: If dad is a biker, plan a ride together. Try to find a nearby bike trail that he hasn’t yet explored. After you’ve worked up an appetite on the ride, grab lunch on the way home. Check out these spots to see where you can save as a AAA member!
  3. Put together a personalized puzzle: Numerous online companies can turn a photo that your dad loves into a custom jigsaw puzzle. Make building the puzzle a family activity, and make it even more fun by ordering dad’s favorite pizza to enjoy before, during or after!
  4. Camp down at home: Is dad fond of camping? Plan a camping trip in your own backyard, complete with a tent and campfire. Ask dad to tell stories about his youthful adventures while roasting hot dogs and marshmallows over the open flame.
  5. Catch the fish biting: Is dad an angler? Plan a morning jaunt to a nearby lake to try your luck at fishing. Stop into Dunham’s Sports for your bait and tackle along the way and save 15% as a AAA member!
  6. Design a woodworking project: Does your dad like to build things? Plan a simple and fun project you can do together, such as building a birdfeeder, a bench or decorative shelves. You can find instructions on the internet for a project, shop for the supplies to make it, and even use the opportunity to gift dad with that new tool he’s had his eye on.
  7. Plan an epic scavenger hunt: What’s more fun than a scavenger hunt? Put together a set of clues for Dad to solve that leads him closer and closer to finding his special gift. Make the day even more special by staging the final clue at a surprise picnic or with takeout from his favorite restaurant.
  8. Hit the trails for a hike: A family hiking in OhioCheck out nearby parks and nature preserves to find a great hiking trail to discover together. Dad is sure to appreciate getting outside for some fresh air, sunshine, physical activity and good conversation. Throw in a picnic, and he’ll enjoy it even more.
  9. Get historical: If your dad is a history buff, plan a trip to a museum or historical site. Members save 10% on admission to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, located in Canton, OH!
  10. Play to dad’s special interest: With a little thought and planning, you can build a gift of time together around a subject your dad enjoys. Is he into astronomy? Buy a star chart, break out the binoculars and plan an evening of stargazing. Does he love to cook? Take a grilling class together.

No matter what you choose to do, we hope you have an amazing time!

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