AAA’s Top International Honeymoon Destination Picks

You have always imagined a beautiful romantic getaway abroad with your special someone for life, but it’s hard to decide on the perfect destination with so many places to choose from. Would you rather take a driving tour through the Irish countryside or lounge on the beach in the Caribbean? Follow along as AAA shares our top international honeymoon destination picks to help you narrow down that list.


A young couple takes a walk on the beach in St. Lucia in the Caribbean.

We begin with the Caribbean and Mexico and pose a simple question. Is a honeymoon really a honeymoon without a romantic sunset walk on the beach? From lush rainforests to pristine beaches, this honeymoon destination earns many gold stars for its natural beauty and all-inclusive paradise personality. It’s no wonder why it lures couples from across the globe every year.

We want to spotlight Cancun, in particular, an all-inclusive resort capital off the coast of southeast Mexico. Cancun could be your ideal location if you are looking for a tropical beach vacation outside of the US that stays within your budget. “All-inclusive” means all your alcohol, nightly entertainment and hotel amenities come included—although you might pay extra for some services like spas. All in all, very affordable. And Cancun resorts usually offer a special honeymoon package with additional amenities to enjoy.

Divide your time between adventuring and relaxing—in this honeymoon destination, you can do both! Take it easy by the pool or on the beach and enjoy the local cuisine. Visit the famous Mayan ruins, or go parasailing, scuba diving, jet skiing and more! There is no shortage of adventure and relaxation in this romantic paradise.


Happy couple walking in Santorini - a Greek island - overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

It’s no secret that Greece has some of the most magical beaches in the world. White sand beaches, black sand beaches, red sand beaches or your classic golden sand beaches—Greece is home to all. Enjoy countless hours sunbathing under endless sunshine and diving into refreshing, crystal-clear water daily. And indulge in diverse island life experiences on Santorini, Crete, Mykonos, Milos and more with opportunities to island hop and explore at your leisure.

If lounging on the beach all day isn’t what you’re after, Greece’s rich culture and history should help you fill in the gaps on your itinerary. From the Knossos Palace on Crete to the unique white architecture overlooking the Mediterranean Sea on Santorini, you will have plenty of sightseeing opportunities and picture-perfect moments to share. We also highly recommend ordering seafood while you are here, as it is fresh from the Mediterranean and will taste like nothing you have ever tried in the US.


Couple of lovers on vacation in Venice, Italy and enjoying a romantic gondola ride.

If you and your partner are foodies and wine enthusiasts, then surely Italy tops your honeymoon destination list. It has the second-highest selection of Michelin-star restaurants in the world! Not to mention it produces the most wine than any other country and fosters one of the oldest wine-making traditions. And it certainly doesn’t hurt that Italy and romance go hand in hand.

Aside from the food and wine, there is something for every couple in this charming boot-shaped country. Everywhere you look you will find influences from the Roman Empire or the Renaissance period in its grand collection of museums, art, historical sites and stunning architecture. Outdoorsy couples can hike the Dolomites up north or head off the coast for snorkeling or sailing, or take a bike tour around Tuscany’s vineyard-covered hills. But whatever you do, don’t miss your chance to take a romantic gondola ride in Venice—you won’t regret it!

Italy is perfect to visit year-round, with a warmer, more temperate climate. The summer runs hot and marks the height of the tourist season, but you’ll still find beautiful weather in the spring and fall. More reasonable prices, too!


Lovers kissing in Paris with the Eiffel Tower in the background.

It goes without saying that an international honeymoon destination list wouldn’t be complete without France. Paris is known as the City of Love, after all. If you are visiting France for the first time on your honeymoon, Paris is the perfect romantic backdrop to fall in love all over again. Marvel at the magnificence of the Eiffel Tower, witness the grandeur of the Louvre Museum and get lost in the city’s cultural glamor. Art galleries, museums, fashion boutiques, fine-dining restaurants and more await you. And do consider taking a cruise on the scenic Seine river and visiting any of its 37 picturesque bridges across the city.

If the city isn’t your scene, the quiet French countryside may be calling your name. Step into a fairytale by visiting any of Loire Valley’s 300 chateaux—large country homes or castles—or treat your tastebuds to authentic cuisine where the Soane and Rhone rivers meet in Lyon.

Ireland and the UK

Couple picnicking at Fanad Head in Ireland.

From touring Irish castles and manors covered in green to visiting Buckingham Palace or Big Ben in London, having Ireland and the UK set the scene for your honeymoon is guaranteed to be magical. Capture photos surrounded by breathtaking landscapes at Giant’s Causeway in Ireland, take a scenic hike on the Isle of Skye in Scotland or find peace and quiet in remote and scenic Cornwall. No matter where you go, you and your partner will feel like you’re in a scene straight out of a storybook romance.

There is a lot to see and do in Ireland and the UK, and luckily many ways to experience as much as possible. You can take a self-drive tour through the countryside or have a private local chauffeur—someone who can find hidden gems and make expert suggestions depending on your traveling style. Tours are also abundant if crafting an itinerary on your own sounds too daunting.

Need more help deciding your honeymoon destination? 

Book a free appointment with a AAA Travel advisor to plan your perfect international honeymoon today! We have honeymoon specialists on standby ready to help make your first memories as a married couple last a lifetime. Visit our Honeymoon Planning page for more travel inspiration and insights.

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