Asking About Pay in a New Job

Why asking about pay in a new job should be a no-brainer.

There are many conversations between friends and families that go something like this:


“That is amazing!! Congratulations!! Are the benefits nice? Is the pay in line with what you’re looking for?”

“Benefits are GREAT! The pay seems good… I’m not sure if I get commission of 3% or 5% from my total sales… hmm… I am sure they told me, but I can’t remember.”

Asking about pay in a new job may seem taboo, but it’s important. Here’s a tip: job seekers, be sure to ask about specifics when it comes to pay!

In today’s world, many people are afraid to seem like someone who is “only after the money” or “money hungry.” We’re trained to believe that the world is different and most people are only after things like work-life balance, in-office perks like foosball tables and bean bag chairs, or even remote work options. Although all of this is true and these things make for a pretty nice day at the office, they don’t replace the fact that we need to be compensated for our time.

Bean bag chairs and foosball tables do not, unfortunately, put food on the table or clothes on our backs, so be sure to ask the right questions. Ask the recruiter to go into detail about how the pay structure works at the company, and ask them how the company will take care of you as an employee.

Pay is important, even in the world of on-site workout facilities and juice bars. As employees, we deserve compensation for our time, and we deserve to know every detail of how we are paid.

Finally, asking about pay in a new job doesn’t make you greedy; it makes you smart. Moral of the story: When you walk in on your first day, be the expert on your pay structure! #stayeducated #asktherecruiter

Rachel Hawkins is a Recruiter for AAA Ohio Auto Club.

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