Battery Checkup Helps Ensure Carefree Summer Travels

Don’t let a vehicle battery problem stall out your warm weather fun. Before hitting the road for a summer trip, make sure your battery won’t let you down.

Have a trained technician perform a charging test to make sure your battery is operating properly. The average life of a car battery is only three to five years, so if your battery is more than three years old, it’s especially important to have it checked. At the same time, the technician should perform preventive maintenance such as:

  1. Inspecting the battery case, brackets, and tray for corrosion. These deposits should be removed, as they interfere with the flow of electric current.
  2. Inspecting brackets to make sure they secure the battery adequately. Loose brackets will allow the battery to vibrate, shortening its life and possibly damaging other components.
  3. Tightening loose battery cables.
  4. Checking the tension and condition of the fan belt. A loose fan belt can diminish the battery’s ability to charge. If a fan belt is frayed or cracked, have it replaced.
  5. “Topping off” the water level if necessary. Luckily, most batteries today are sealed and do not require monitoring of water levels.

If battery problems do get the best of you, AAA can help. Our battery technicians can come to your location, test your battery, and if necessary, replace it on the spot. AAA members receive $39 off the price of our high-quality AAA-branded batteries, plus the protection of a 36-month free nationwide replacement warranty and a 72-month limited warranty. Just call (800) AAA-HELP to schedule battery service or go online at