Top Camping Sites in Ohio

What are the best campsites in Ohio? Camping in Ohio State Parks provides visitors with all the amenities and activities they could ask for. Campsites also provide families with a perfect getaway and a chance to make lasting memories.

Popular Ohio State Parks like Hocking Hills, Indian Lake, Kelleys Island, Buckeye Lake and Alum Creek are drawing in a lot of visitors this summer. If you’re looking for less-trafficked, but just as beautiful, campsites in Ohio, check out these options for camping in Ohio State parks.

Beaver Creek State Park

East Liverpool, Ohio

Beaver Creek is one of Ohio’s most scenic parks. It is located in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains and offers camping right above the wild and beautiful river of Little Beaver Creek. The valley of Little Beaver is characterized by steep walls, high rock cliffs, and numerous gentle rapids. Visitors can also explore Gaston’s Mill, pioneer village, and abandoned canal locks.

    • 44 non-electric campsites
    • 6 campsites with electricity
    • 59 Horseman campsites
    • Pet friendly
    • 23 miles of bridle trails
    • 16 miles of hiking trails
    • Canoeing permitted
    Beaver Creek State Park, Ohio
    Beaver Creek – Image Source: Susan Glaser, The Plain Dealer

    Buck Creek State Park

    Springfield, Ohio

    Surrounded by Clarence J. Brown Reservoir, Buck Creek State Park is known for catering to water activities. It also provides fully-stocked rentable cottages and is a popular family destination.

    • 26 family cottages
    • 89 campsites with electricity
    • 12 non-electric campsites
    • 10 miles of hiking trails
    • 8 miles of bridle trails
    • 2,400-foot sand beach
    • Boating with unlimited horsepower
    • Fishing
    Buck Creek State Park, Ohio
    Buck Creek State Park – Image Source: Visit Springfield

    Caesar Creek State Park

    Waynesville, Ohio

    Caesar Creek State Park is excellent for families that enjoy outdoor recreation. The area is marked by clear blue waters and scenic rock formations like the 180-foot Caesar Creek Gorge. The campground is located nearby Little Miami Scenic State Park, Cowan Lake State Park and King’s Island amusement park for added exploration and fun.

    • 283 campsites with electricity
    • 30 Horseman campsites
    • Flush toilets and showers
    • Pet friendly
    • 43 miles of hiking trails
    • 31 miles of bridle trails
    • 1,300-foot swimming beach on Caesar Creek
    • Boating, water skiing and fishing
    Caesar Creek State Park, Ohio
    Caesar Creek State Park – Image Source:

    East Fork State Park

    Bethel, Ohio

    One of the largest Ohio State Parks, East Fork offers wide open spaces for safe exploration. The park’s terrain includes rugged hills and open meadows. It sets the stage for a wonderful getaway, just 25 miles outside of Cincinnati, Ohio. Watersport enthusiasts love East Fork and its unlimited horsepower boating.

    • 384 campsites with electricity
    • 5 full hook-up sites
    • 4 camper cabins
    • 17 horseman campsites
    • Pet friendly
    • Flush toilets and showers
    • 1,200-foot beachfront
    • 55 miles of bridle trails
    • 82 miles of hiking trails
    • Fishing
    • Boating
    East Fork State Park, Ohio
    East Fork State Park – Image Source:

    Hueston Woods State Park

    College Corner, Ohio

    The large and beautiful park surrounds Acton Lake and has boat rentals available. With all the outdoor activities you could possibly want, this Ohio State Park also offers luxuries at its Lodge, golf course and Nature Center.

    • 255 campsites with electricity
    • 236 non-electric campsites
    • 25 family cottages (up to 6 people)
    • 12 one-room cottages
    • Flush toilets and showers
    • 92-room lodge
    • 1,500-foot swimming beach
    • 35 miles of hiking trails
    • Fishing
    • Paintball field and target range
    • Boating (10 hp limit) and canoeing
    • 18-hole, 7,005-yard, par 72 golf course
    Hueston Woods State Park, Ohio
    Hueston Woods State Park – Image Source: Hueston Woods Lodge

    Mohican State Park

    Loudonville, Ohio

    The Clearfork Gorge, hemlock forest and scenic Mohican River offer visitors a memorable outdoor experience. And the luxury resort lodge and cottages fit the needs of those who still want to explore but return to creature comforts. Check out the nearby Honey Run Falls for a beautiful hike.

    • 25 family cottages
    • 118 campsites with electricity
    • 33 full-service hookup sites
    • 96 luxury room lodge
    • Flush toilets and showers
    • 35 primitive campsites
    • Pet friendly
    • Canoeing
    • Olympic-sized pool at the campground
    • 12 miles of hiking trails
    Mohican State Park, Ohio
    Mohican State Park – Image Source: Mansfield News Journal

    Punderson State Park

    Newbury Township, Ohio

    Located on Punderson Lake, fishing is fruitful for bluegill, largemouth bass, rainbow, and golden trout and catfish. The area is also popular for winter sports like cross country skiing, sledding, and snowmobiling.

    • 196 campsites with electricity
    • 5 full hook-up sites
    • 31 Lodge rooms
    • 26 family cottages
    • Pet friendly
    • Flush toilets, showers
    • Championship-rated, 18-hole public golf course
    Punderson State Park, Ohio
    Punderson State Park – Image Source:

    Pymatuning State Park

    Pymatuning State Park sits near the northern border of Pennsylvania near the Pymatuning Reservoir. The area is known for being great for walleye and muskellunge fishing and offering visitors peaceful camping.

    • 27 family cottages
    • 33 standard cottages
    • 21 no-electric campsites
    • 331 campsites with electricity
    • 18 full hook-up sites
    • Pet friendly
    • Flush toilets, showers
    • Swimming beach
    • 14,000 acre lake

    Pymatuning State Park, Ohio

    Salt Fork State Park

    Lore City, Ohio

    Ohio’s largest park, Salt Fork is lush with woodlands, fields, and numerous streams, bumping up to Salt Fork Reservoir. Offering numerous options for recreation, all members of the family can enjoy themselves.

    • 192 campsites with electricity
    • 20 full hook-up sites
    • 20 Horsemen sites
    • 148 lodge rooms
    • 54 family cottages
    • Pet friendly
    • Flush toilets and showers
    • 18-hole golf course
    • 14 miles of hiking trails
    • 2,500-foot swimming beach
    • Boat rentals, unlimited horsepower
    Salt Fork State Park, Ohio
    Salt Fork State Park – Image Source: Salt Fork Park Lodge

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