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Travel is what unites us, and with Club Adventures: Women Explorers, there is even more opportunity to connect and inspire each other through life-changing experiences. There’s no doubt that discovering off-the-beaten-path destinations has a unique impact on each visitor who passes through, but sometimes it’s the people who you travel with that make the experience even more special.

Traveling with other women who are like-minded and equally as excited to explore is magical. You form a bond unlike any other as you open yourself up to sights and smells that you only share with your fellow travelers. You become part of each other’s stories in these moments, and you’ll share in these memories for the rest of your lives.

Two women visiting the Mediterranean coast

WE are Explorers

The Women Explorers brand was created for women, by women, to showcase amazing cultures around the world through the eyes of local women. It’s for women who want to travel with the safety and backing of AAA Travel and the comfort of fellow travelers throughout the adventure. Whether it’s a reunion ofs friends, an adventure for partners or a solo exploration, Club Adventures: Women Explorers will take you on your adventure of a lifetime with a deep dive into the daily lives of women around the world.

And, with Club Adventures Just Our Crew private groups, you can travel with as few as six people. Grab the other women in your family or five other friends and you’ve got a group. With Just Our Crew, you can choose your own departure date and itinerary exclusively for your own Women Explorers adventure, complete with a Local Leader to give you insider access and knowledge of your destination.

Three women eating gelato in ItalyWhere WE Go

When we connect, there is a story that comes to life that simply can’t be put into words, only experienced. So, Club Adventures offers a variety of adventures to allow you to experience the wonder of women’s travel.

For travelers looking to stay a bit closer to home this year, Club Adventures is offering a Women Explorers trip through the heart of the South – Memphis and Nashville. From a classic whiskey tasting at Jack Daniels Distillery or saddling up for dancing lessons at the Wildhorse Saloon, to a variety of delicious southern foodie tastings, this adventure is sure to send you off with amazing memories and great friends.

Three women hiking on their vacationHow WE go

We get local. With group sizes of an average of just 12 people, we stay in boutique hotels and explore as the locals do. Every Women Explorers departure will have a female Local Leader at the helm, which offers a unique perspective and insight into a destination’s local customs and traditions. It also supports and empowers women in the communities of the countries we visit.

Club Adventures is your key to seeing the world through a local lens, and with the Women Explorers tours, you’ll gain a backstage pass to what it really feels like to live in the destination as a woman. From soaking in a traditional Jordanian hammam with your newfound friends, taking part in “Gold Day” – an exclusive event strictly for women in Turkey, to stepping into a traditional Moroccan outfit and having your makeup done by local women, we ensure our Women Explorers trips show you a whole new side of travel.

Your female Local Leader will be there throughout your adventure to answer questions, and as someone who knows the area like the back of their hand, they’ll be able to recommend amazing experiences during the unscripted time that we build into every itinerary for you to explore the destination the way you want. But, with our small group sizes, you’re not just forming closer relationships with local women, but you’re also connecting with fellow female travelers to build a worldwide community, unlocking the true power of adventure travel.

Two women experiencing the colorful Holi festival in IndiaWomen Explorers was created to uncover the secrets that every local holds dear and to form bonds with women around the world, creating a safe, comfortable environment for women whether in groups or solo to travel where they want to discover all the spectacular adventures this world has to offer. So, where will adventure take you?

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