Emergency Roadside Service Keeps Evolving

Since 1902, AAA has rescued millions of motorists at the roadside, repaired and maintained millions of member vehicles and provided motorists and pedestrians alike with unprecedented safety, security and peace of mind.

The methods by which AAA has delivered these services have certainly changed over the past 120 years, but they needed to evolve to keep pace with an ever-changing world and members’ ever-changing wants and needs from the association. From day one, our members have remained at the center of our mission.

Technological advancements in web-based services, phone apps and technology within the vehicle itself have enabled AAA to innovate how we provide service options to our members. Today, artificial intelligence, machine learning, predictive analytics and the digitalization of how our members interact with our products and services have enabled AAA to become “omnichannel.”

This is just a fancy way of saying that our members can do business with us in the manner in which they choose – over the phone, within our repair shops, through our AAA app or on our website.

We’ve even introduced an Alexa and Google Home skill that enables members that are safe at home – but in need of road service – to request those services through their device. I’m sure that 120 years ago, the founders of AAA didn’t see that coming.

Our promise to AAA members is that we will continue to innovate, research and develop methods that leverage new technologies into our traditional services, like roadside service and repair. In fact, our Car Care Plus locations in the Columbus area just launched a new digital inspection service that allows members and customers to view photos and videos of their vehicle’s condition on their smartphone or tablet.

Additionally, we launched the latest in mobile battery testing technology that enables our roadside technicians to perform quicker and more accurate battery tests at the roadside in far less time.

Clearly, a lot is happening at AAA concerning innovation, technology and how we deliver on our promise to provide exceptional experiences every time.

Get your vehicle ready for winter!

Before the snow flies, be sure to visit your local Car Care Plus or Approved Auto Repair location to ensure your vehicle is in top running order. You can use our search to find a convenient location near you.

Some things to do:

    • Have your tires checked for tread depth and inflation.
    • Have your alignment checked and adjusted as needed.
    • Have your battery tested. Batteries last an average of 3½ years in Ohio. Be sure yours is ready for the cold.
    • Change your wiper blades. This should be done twice per year during the spring and fall.

Brian Pratt is Vice President, Automotive Services for AAA Ohio Auto Club.

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