Employee Spotlight: Dawn Turske

Dawn Turske began working for AAA Ohio Auto Club (OAC) in 1994 while she was a senior in high school. She got her start in the Central Reservation Center in Mount Vernon, Ohio. After leaving the CRC, she began travel agency training, where she learned the ins and outs of travel, and how to book member vacations effectively.

Throughout her tenure, Turske has held several positions, including an administrative assistant, reports specialist and supervisor of travel operations—currently she is a manager of travel operations at OAC’s headquarter office. Her job is to support travel agents and answer any questions on the systems used for booking travel.

The best part of Turske’s role is problem-solving and troubleshooting. Her number one goal is to get the client taken care of promptly and efficiently because she understands firsthand the difficulties travel agents face while servicing members. For those looking to enter the travel industry, Turske would advise them to have patience and take time to find all the puzzle pieces, rather than jumping to conclusions.

One of her most memorable experiences at OAC was on 9/11. Turske called over 300 people to inform them that their Las Vegas travel event was canceled, due to the attacks. It was a significant and challenging feat, but she handled the responsibility.

Even outside of work, Turske loves to travel. She also spends time with her family and her dog Albert, and enjoys attending her kids’ sporting events.

When asked what separates AAA Ohio Auto Club from other travel companies, she exclaims that we are entirely different because we provide discounts and are a membership-based organization. This means we prioritize the member’s needs above all else. Turske also considers herself lucky to work with such a great team. They always back each other up and help when needed; she says it truly does feel like family.

Tiffany Boyd is a recruiter coordinator for AAA Ohio Auto Club.

If you or anyone you know is interested in starting a career in travel, we hire travel agents across several Ohio locations with a full benefits package and paid training. We also offer an Independent Travel Agent program (non-employee, commission only), for those looking to work from home. Inquiries can be sent to Christy Sheffield, Human Resources Manager at csheffield@aaaohio.com and will be shared with the appropriate hiring teams.

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  1. Well deserved spotlight on an amazing, kind and knowledgeable associate! Kudos Dawn for all that you do and the daily difference you make!

  2. I was so privileged to work with Dawn as part of our amazing Travel Team at Worthington headquarters for many years! Lots of hard work but so many great memories!! AAA Ohio Auto Club is lucky to have her. All the best to you Dawn!!

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