Employee Spotlight: Donna Blair

Membership Quality Control Specialist

For Donna Blair, working at AAA has become a true family affair.

It all started with her mother, Mary Schnelle, who worked at AAA from 1988-2006. Blair followed suit in 1992 when she began working from home and putting together new member packets, then moved into her current role in the membership department 10 years later. Today, she’s the membership quality control specialist. Two desks down sits her daughter, Katherine. Another of her six children, daughter Gretchen, works across the building in insurance.

What has kept her at AAA all these years?

“I like that I’m busy all day. There’s always something to do,” she says.

Blair spends her time taking care of all the nitty-gritty details of membership – like tracking down and fixing bad addresses, processing returned mail and sending credit card decline letters. It’s work that takes a keen sense of detail and familiarity with AAA.

“I’ve been here so long I’ve got my own little system down,” says Blair.

Outside of work, her 15 grandchildren keep her busy, as do her cruise trips with her Marysville High School class of 1964. In March 2019, she’ll be taking her fourth cruise with the group to celebrate their 55th graduation anniversary.

Last fall, their Caribbean cruise’s hotel accommodations were cancelled at the last minute after the major hurricanes that hit the area. Luckily, it was AAA to the rescue: Even though not everyone had booked with AAA or was even a member, Hilary Miskov in the Member Contact Center helped confirm the hotel accommodations for everyone in the group.

Another of Blair’s passions is photography, evidenced by her Instagram account with 911 photos and counting.

“That really started back in grade school when I got my first Brownie (Kodak camera) with S&H Green Stamps,” says Blair. She prefers taking pictures of birds, animals and landscapes rather than people – but even so, several members of her class have gotten her to capture digitally their golden wedding anniversaries.

Finally, there’s her love of crocheting. She scrolls through hundreds of photos in her phone and pauses on a picture of a baby blanket and matching stuffed bear before moving to her crowning achievement: a striped hat and scarf adorning a resin lion passed around by members of her class. Even after 55 years, her Marysville Monarch pride still runs deep.

Is it a coincidence that her high school’s red and blue colors match AAA’s? With 26 years of AAA experience, probably not.

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