Employee Spotlight: Jill Johnston

Emergency Road Service Call Center Representative

Emergency Road Service Call Center Representative Jill Johnston, said “You have to be ready for anything that comes through on your line. The members are upset, and they need your help.” This mindset, along with Jill’s desire to help others, is what makes her a star Call Center employee.

Jill said that her work in the call center is really a true passion and an extension of her personal desire to help people, “You have to care about others.” Jill, a minister for Friends of Zion Church, thinks of her work at AAA as an extension of her ministry work.

Jill comes in with a positive attitude and a smile knowing that she is here to help others. Helping members in emergency situations requires you to be sympathetic to what they are going through and to respond quickly. Remaining calm in stressful situations, wearing a smile and willingness to make an impact are all key factors in her job that make it meaningful.

In addition to being involved in community outreach, Jill loves to travel. In fact, she started her career with AAA as a Travel Agent and then transitioned into Emergency Road Service. With over 16 years of service with the company, she says, “AAA is a fantastic company to work for, I consider it family.” Jill is also a AAA Brand Ambassador, stating she believes in the brand and has been a member since the age of 16. She adds, “I use the services myself, I depend on AAA.”

Jill is planning a mission trip to Israel partnering with singer/actor/motivational speaker: Pat Boone. She enjoys writing poetry and has received multiple awards for her work. She is also expecting her first grandchild in September!

We thank Jill for her continued unmatched customer experiences and success, and encourage anyone interested in an Emergency Roadside Service Call Center career with us to apply at aaa.com/careers

Hannah Mayes is a Recruiter for AAA Ohio Auto Club.

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