Employee Spotlight: John Graham

Distribution Clerk

John Graham, a three-year AAA Ohio Auto Club associate, remembers feeling he was in the Twilight Zone the first few weeks because everyone was so friendly. He says everyone was so nice, always smiling and saying hello.

John is a Distribution Clerk, and one aspect of his job that he enjoys is that it’s not like working in most warehouses. All of the Distribution Clerks are on a task rotation, so they are never doing the same thing from one month to the next. This pulls them all in different directions but according to John, this doesn’t disrupt the team environment. John likes working with his team as they all mesh well. “If you need help there is always someone to help,” John adds.

The team atmosphere is another thing that keeps John with the company, and he’s not the only one who feels that way. The distribution staff of eight has more than 117 years of combined experience. John told us the group is always doing something together, whether it’s getting pizza for lunch or their weekly lottery pool.

John came to AAA in 2015 because he was looking for stability. He was previously a contractor for FEMA and assisted with natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina. He was looking for his next opportunity and was drawn to AAA due to its long history.

John’s FEMA days didn’t end when he came to AAA. When Hurricane Harvey hit in 2017, FEMA asked him to come back and assist in their efforts. John was up for the challenge and his management team allowed a personal leave so John could aid Texas and Florida from hurricane damage.

Dave Wood, Vice President of Partnership Programs, who oversees the distribution center staff said, “When John talked to me about taking a personal leave to go help with FEMA it was an easy decision.” Dave went on to explain that when one of our own wants to help Americans affected by a natural disaster, it falls right in line with what we do here at AAA – helping people.”

Although John finds fulfillment from working out in the field with FEMA, AAA Ohio Auto Club is where he calls home. “It’s a great place to work and I don’t want to go anywhere else,” John says with a smile. “The only way I’m leaving is if I win the lottery.”

We thank John for his commitment to providing great customer experiences and encourage anyone interested in a career with us to apply at: AAA.com/Careers

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