Employee Spotlight: Mark Cochenour

Reports Developer Specialist

Mark Cochenour, a reports developer specialist at Ohio Auto Club, spends his days working with data —but it’s the people he helps who have the biggest impact on his work.

“I interact with a lot of amazing people and everyone is always so professional, nice and appreciative when I have the opportunity to serve them. Caring about the people you work with is so important,” said Cochenour.

Cochenour began working at Ohio Auto Club in 2010 – although he was one app deletion away from never applying for the job.

“I was getting annoyed because I kept getting notifications for a forklift operator job through an app on my phone,” he said. “I was going to delete the app, but someone called me as I started to delete it, so it didn’t get removed. The next day I saw an ad come through for Ohio Auto Club based on my search criteria. It sounded like something I would be interested in, so I applied.”

Eight years later, the application has paid off.

Cochenour begins his day bright and early, often waking up at 3:30 a.m., and plans his time around the best way to serve other internal customers.

His department at Ohio Auto Club, Business Intelligence, helps other areas analyze and use data to make informed decisions. Travel, membership, automotive, insurance, HR and accounting all depend on the reports Cochenour prepares.

He says he’s always been an “ask why” person; fitting for the club’s new mission statement: Deliver exceptional experiences every time. When someone needs a report, he says, he takes pride in going above and beyond their request and providing everything he can to make their job easier.

Cochenour also praises the guidance and support his managers provide on a daily basis: “I really feel blessed to have two great managers who genuinely care about me as a person and who always go out of their way to be the best managers anyone could ever ask for.”

Finally, he says solving the challenges and working with the people at Ohio Auto Club are what keep him coming back day after day: “I am completely fulfilled in my daily tasks. I absolutely love what I do.”

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