Employee Spotlight: Rella Carper

Insurance Agent

Staying busy from 9 to 5 is not something Rella Carper has ever had to worry about. For six years now, Rella has loved coming into work at the Lancaster AAA office to help her clients find the right coverage for their needs.

Rella, who has 23 years of insurance experience under her belt, says “I love people,” and according to her that is one of the keys to success in the insurance industry. You need to be people-oriented and self-driven. Rella says, “It’s more about caring for the client, their coverage and their needs than it is about the sale.”

Her typical day consists of inbound and outbound phone calls, intertwined with face-to-face clients that keep her non-stop busy all day long. Keys to Rella’s success are her multitasking abilities and her utilization of available resources. For example, Rella utilizes the database of over 750,000 AAA Ohio Auto Club (OAC) members, is available on the hunt group all day and maximizes her client referrals. She says, “The phone doesn’t always ring on its own,” you also need to go out into the community to generate your own leads and work your referrals.

She says that in order to keep up with the pace, you need to have a good night’s rest and strong organizational skills. To keep herself organized, she takes a traditional approach and uses pen and paper. She makes sure she jots down every single phone call and client interaction to help keep her on track, so she doesn’t forget any follow-up interactions. She then uses a highlighter to notate once she has completed items on her list. Her day is not complete until each item is marked off.

To ensure she is providing the best service and coverage for her clients, she says you really need to listen to their needs so you are able to provide the best coverage for them and their family. Building relationships with her clients is an important aspect of her business. Because of this, she has clients who have driven two hours to meet with her. It’s the trust from her clients that keep them coming back.

Great clients are not the only thing that have kept Rella at OAC, it’s the staff she works with every day in her office and the support she receives from management.

We thank Rella for her continued unmatched customer experiences and success and encourage anyone interested in pursuing an Insurance career with us to apply at: AAA.com/Careers.

Hannah Mayes is a Recruiter for AAA Ohio Auto Club.

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