Employee Spotlight: Svetislav “Sveta” Miskov

Automotive Master Technician

Svetislav “Sveta” Miskov, Master Technician at the Dublin East (Sawmill Road) Car Care Plus Facility, has always liked challenges and troubleshooting. That’s why he excels as a master technician with AAA Ohio Auto Club (OAC).

Miskov came to the U.S. in 2007 after serving in the Serbian military. Working on vehicles and studying robotics gave Miskov a strong mechanical background that has helped him throughout his time at AAA. He began working for OAC in December 2008 as a battery service technician. After working in that role for a year and a half, he was asked to fill in temporarily as a general service technician for two weeks – sparking his true automotive career with AAA.

Dedicated and hardworking, Miskov represents AAA Ohio Auto Club’s commitment to delivering exceptional experiences every time.

Miskov, who gained his U.S. citizenship in 2017, said, “I’m here to do the job right. At AAA we do an honest job. When you pick it [the car] up and take off, you know it will be safe the first time.”

One thing that sets AAA repair facilities apart from other repair shops is the way they prioritize the work, then educate the customer on what needs repaired and why. Miskov says he even takes customers out to the shop and shows them exactly what caused the issue with their vehicle. He takes OAC core values to heart and he says he is completely honest and transparent in his explanation of what repairs are needed and why.

Miskov obtained his ASE Master Certification earlier this year. He said one of the reasons he is dedicated to AAA is because the company is good to him. For example, the club pays for ASE certifications for their technicians and provides additional educational opportunities that benefit the techs as well as the customers.

Miskov’s educational philosophy is simple: “You learn as you go.” As he goes, he also attends NAPA and Snap-On classes as well as doing research on his own.

Miskov said, “One of the things that motivates me to come to work is great co-workers and pride. Because despite all the little obstacles that we face on this or that level, I am proud to be part of AAA and everything that we stand for.”

AAA thanks Miskov for continuing to provide unmatched customer experiences and encourages anyone interested in an automotive career with AAA to apply online.

Hannah Mayes is a Recruiter for AAA Ohio Auto Club.

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