Employee Spotlight: Tom Nobile

Automotive Technician

If you’re putting your groceries in your vehicle and the man parked next to you informs you that you need new tires, that man might just be Tom Nobile, Automotive Technician at Gahanna AAA Car Care Plus. According to Tom, it’s second nature to look at tires. He said, “I’ve been doing it so long, it’s just what I do.” As with most jobs, the more years you are in the business the more passionate and skilled you are about what you do.

Photo of Tom Nobile, AAA Ohio Car Care Plus Automotive TechnicianTom has 23 years of service in with AAA, and it is something he is very proud of. He said people recognize and trust the brand. When asked why he stays with AAA he said, “Why leave? I’m going on 23 years, I have a lot of vacation time and compared to other shops that I’ve heard of, we have a better work environment and a fair pay system.” But it’s more than just great benefits for Tom, “The people here are tremendous!” He said, between the great management and the guys in the shop, it’s a good family atmosphere and this is home.

One aspect of the job that Tom enjoys, besides repairing members vehicles, is educating the member. He said, “Sometimes you need to paint the customer a picture of how things should be. I do a good job with that, helping the customer understand what’s going on with their car.” Tom loves helping people and educating them on what they need. When Tom informs people that they need new tires he does not just tell them, he gives them reasons why and even shows them. Even though he has already verified the need with a visual inspection and the use of a tread depth gauge, he will ask them if their tires slip when the pavement is wet. That’s one way that Tom, “paints the picture” for the customer.

His love for helping people is evident in the way he interacts with the customer, showing real care for them. He enjoys talking to the customer so they know who is working on their car, he said it helps them feel more comfortable with the entire repair process.

Tom has run the gamut of positions within a shop, from technician to management to technician again, but ultimately, “I enjoy turning wrenches,” he said.

We thank Tom for his continued unmatched customer experiences and success and encourage anyone interested in an Automotive career with us to apply at: AAA.com/Careers

Hannah Mayes is a Recruiter for AAA Ohio Auto Club.

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