Employee Spotlight: Tony Tobias

Insurance Agent

Think it’s impossible to be in two places at once? Tony Tobias, an insurance agent for AAA Ohio Auto Club, has it figured out.

“I booked myself for two speaking engagements at the same time. Due to me misreading dates, I had already planned one, but thinking it was actually the following month, I promised a friend that I would help them out by speaking at their engagement as well,” said Tobias.

Luckily, with the help of technology, he came up with a creative solution.

“After spending some time juggling the time slots, I was actually able to be in Photo of Tony Tobias, AAA Ohio insurance agenttwo places at once. Deducing that one engagement could be done via Skype and the other in-person, all parties were extremely happy,” Tobias said.

This kind of quick thinking is par for the course for Tobias. He spends most of his day acquiring new customers across all the insurance lines OAC offers: auto, home, umbrella and life, to name a few.

And as anyone who has ever worked directly with customers can attest, each day can bring its own surprises.

“There is no ‘typical day’ in insurance,” said Tobias. “While I try to start my business hours at 9 a.m. sharp, anything can happen by 9:05 the same day.”

For Tobias, the benefits of working at AAA are as varied as his days: The diversity, both culturally and through the variety of products and services sold; the ease of planning international, domestic and local travel and activities for himself and his family; and the depth of involvement in the local community all attracted him to the company back in April 2015.

And OAC’s newest commitment to providing each customer, member and employee with exceptional service resonates with Tobias in each interaction. “I try to take a hands-on approach with everyone by understanding their needs,” he said.

Outside of work, Tobias can be found on his mountain bike, playing golf or rugby, or in his favorite place — on a Delta Airlines jet.

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