Employee Spotlight: Whitney Blanton

Travel Consultant

“My mom and I used to travel all the time. I always enjoyed mapping out our road trips,” says Whitney Blanton, a travel consultant for AAA Ohio Auto Club. “We traveled to New York and Chicago a lot.” Growing up in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Whitney and her family were able to visit Chicago every summer.

Only seven months ago, Whitney joined the AAA family. She has gone above and beyond with her daily tasks and has even transferred from the Worthington store to the new Grove City location permanently. The team at Grove City could not be happier to have her.

With a degree in hospitality and a focus in event planning, there is no doubt that Whitney will make some magic happen for future clients. Face-to-face interaction with clients and be able to plan an itinerary are two major parts of building an unforgettable journey.

Whitney and her mom.

She has been surprised that more people do not realize AAA plans travel itineraries. “Last night I was at a restaurant and the waiter asked, “Wait, you guys can plan travel? You’re a full agency?” She responded – of course – with a proud ‘yes.’

Whitney is thrilled to book trips for clients. “It’s fun to see them come in and be excited to book an adventure.” As a travel consultant, she is getting the opportunity to learn more about international traveling, as she has never been outside of the U.S. “We had a couple in here for an Ireland trip for a few hours and it was fun to work with them on that.” She noted she has her own desire to go to Ireland in the near future. After doing a DNA kit, she found out her ancestors hailed from Scotland, Ireland, and Wales. These destinations are now high on her list of must-see locations.

Reflecting on her own adventures, she shared a story of one of her many trips to Chicago. “Every summer we went to Chicago, we would pick a different museum to visit.” She enlightened us that her favorite museum was the Museum of Science and Industry. “We went one time and I starred in a movie,” she laughed. She went on to describe the experience, “You literally went through it and it was being built like a silent film for a trailer.” This memory also made her laugh and say, “it made me realize I’m not going to be an actor.”

Maybe Whitney won’t be an actor, but film and television have inspired her destination desires. Rounding out her top 5 must-see destinations are Barcelona – because of Disney Channel original movie, The Cheetah Girls 2 – and Greece because of the movie Mamma Mia! I mean, how could she resist them?

We thank Whitney for her dedication and determination to her work that commits to providing great customer experiences. We encourage anyone interested in a career with us to apply at AAA.com/Careers

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