Employee Spotlight: Yves Gauthier

Since starting with AAA Ohio Auto Club (OAC) in April of 2011, Yves Gauthier has shown exemplary service to members on and off the road as a tow truck driver for Ohio Auto Club’s fleet department. Throughout his tenure at AAA, Gauthier has explored many different career paths. He was a general service technician at one of our Car Care centers, an automotive repair facility representative and a call receiver in our Emergency Roadside Service (ERS) call center, where he also helped train incoming associates. In 2015, Gauthier was even selected to participate in a battery challenge competition, where the objective was to earn the highest customer service score. He won the regional title and placed 6th at the national level.

When asked what brought him to AAA, Gauthier stated that he wanted a change of scenery from his previous job, running a warehouse. He began job searching and stumbled upon the AAA career page—the rest is history.


According to Gauthier, the best part of his job is interacting with and assisting members because he loves figuring out the issue and solving it. A typical shift for him consists of arriving to work an hour early to check his equipment and make sure it is in perfect condition. He then begins his service calls. He strives to provide five-diamond service to members by introducing himself and listening to their concerns while reassuring them that everything will be ok. Finally, he explains what actions he will take with their vehicle to get them safely back on the road.

For those interested in becoming a tow truck driver, Gauthier gives this advice: be patient, be willing to learn, be flexible and have excellent customer service skills.

Outside of work, Gauthier enjoys spending time with his four children and traveling. He is very athletic and loves being outdoors. Formally an alpine and water ski coach, Yves also competed in water ski shows in his home country of Canada. He loves mountain biking, skiing and doing construction work in the spring and summer.

When asked what he loves most about his work environment, he responded that he works with an exceptional team; everyone is always laughing. He even joined a bowling team with some of his managers. You can also consider him a local celebrity—Gauthier has made a few guest appearances on local news channel, WBNS 10TV, demonstrating best practices to protect your car in the winter.

Being the very goal-driven person he is, Gauthier sees himself pursuing other career paths within AAA soon.

Tiffany Boyd is a recruiting coordinator for AAA Ohio Auto Club.

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