Enjoy the Ride and the Destination with Train Travel

Overnight Rail Vacations with Amtrak Vacations

A train trip across North America means something different to everyone.

Some travel for the variety of exclusive destinations. If you’re planning on vacationing overnight on a long-distance Amtrak train, you’ll have the unique opportunity to experience some of the most beautiful and remote regions. Not to mention breathtaking scenery not accessible by car, plane or bus. From the combination of landscapes to the diversity of destinations you explore, your senses will always be piqued on a rail vacation. Visit everything from iconic cities to treasured national parks, all while traveling on multiple routes that provide otherworldly views.

Others take the train for a one-of-a-kind travel experience. Today, most people are in such a hurry to get from point A to point B—they don’t want to enjoy the beauty of the ride. Train travel is so much more than a means of transportation. It’s a memorable experience and a reminder to appreciate the journey.

Regardless of what train travel means to you, a long-distance, overnight rail vacation is always sure to impress. And with Amtrak Vacations, your journey is extraordinary. As you start planning your next trip, here is everything you need to know about traveling across America with Amtrak Vacations.

All aboard!

Sleeping Accommodations

If this is your first time booking a long-distance train vacation, Amtrak’s options for sleeping accommodations may seem confusing. Many travelers ask, “Is there a shower onboard?”, “Will my room have a private bathroom?” and “How does my room convert for sleeping at night?” Don’t worry; there are plenty of comfortable lodging options to meet your specific needs. Here are the ins and outs of the Sleeper Car room offerings.

For both Viewliner and Superliner cars, there are four standard room choices for long-haul travelers: Roomettes, Bedrooms, Bedroom Suites and Accessible Bedrooms. In a Roomette, daytime seating converts to beds at night. Electrical outlets, climate controls, reading lights, a small closet and fold-down table are also all within easy reach. Bedrooms are larger than Roomettes and offer a sink, vanity, an enclosed toilet and shower facilities.

For those traveling with friends or family, Amtrak’s Bedroom Suites and Family Bedrooms are great options. Bedroom Suites are made up of two adjoining bedrooms, while the Family Bedrooms are double-decker rooms (only available on trains with Superliner cars) that span the width of the car. Each Family Bedroom comes with two sets of bunk-style beds, a sofa and two reclining seats. Bedroom Suites feature everything the Family Bedroom includes, plus a private sink, vanity, toilet, shower and a comfy armchair. Both rooms are a spacious, cozy option for a group of four.

Enjoy these benefits when you upgrade to Amtrak Sleeper Service:

  • Daily meals for each passenger in the room
  • Fresh linens and towels
  • A personal attendant to offer you bottled water or coffee, and turn-down services
  • Personal climate controls
  • Reading lights
  • Comfortable daytime seating

The Views

Rail journeys offer its passengers a unique opportunity they can’t find anywhere else—guests can sit back, relax and take in the passing landscapes outside their window. While most vacations are simply about the destination, overnight trains expand the experience with gorgeous, exclusive views. From mountains, forests, seascapes and valleys, to the vast, open plains and crowd-pleasing cities, you’ll experience sights that are rarely seen by anyone except passengers on long-haul trains.

Speaking of ever-changing scenery, Amtrak’s Observation Car is the best place to appreciate the views. With floor-to-ceiling windows, these “sightseer lounges” bring the wonders of the passing landscape to a new level. Open to all passengers, we recommend grabbing a seat early.

So, if you’re looking to explore and experience North America, a long-distance train journey is the perfect opportunity. To learn more about our available packages, talk to a AAA travel consultant. Contact your local AAA store or visit AAA.com/Locations to book an appointment.