Everyday Savings: A Day in the Life of a AAA Member

It might not be today, but one day you're going to need it!

Updated: 2/18/2022.

We’ve all heard this about AAA memberships: One day you’re going to need it!

The reality of a AAA membership is that it does include benefits, discounts and rewards that can help members every day. As a matter of fact, a simple $67 Classic Level membership can add up to hundreds of dollars in savings.

How can AAA provide everyday savings?

Let us set the scene. It’s a Saturday and your to-do list is packed. You need to ship a set of antique dishes you bought for a friend and visit LensCrafters for your yearly eye exam.

AAA members save on packing materials and shipping at The UPS StoreFirst stop? The UPS Store. You found the perfect set of dishes at a yard sale last weekend and want to send them to a friend. UPS can help you pack them up and ship them, and with your AAA membership, you save 15% off packing supplies and an additional 5% off UPS shipping. Nice start to the day, you saved $6.75!

You get in your car, turn the key and nothing. It won’t start, life happens fast. This is the membership benefit everyone knows and loves: free towing. A AAA service truck is there within minutes and tows you to a nearby Approved Auto Repair location. As a AAA member, this tow is free, but it could have cost you as much as $125 without your membership, saving you more than $50.

You’re now down a car for a few days, but your big Saturday can’t be derailed by a little car trouble. So, you dial up Hertz to rent a car.

AAA members receive a variety of savings and benefits with Hertz

Hmm … how about a sedan? Sounds good and your membership saves you $30. (By the way, it’s only 10 a.m. and your AAA membership has already saved you $86.75.) After you adjust the seats and mirrors in your rental vehicle it’s off to LensCrafters. AAA members save 50% off lenses with a frame purchase, 30% off prescription sunglasses and 15% off lens- or frame-only purchases. Additionally, members get 30% off eye exams and 10% off contact lenses at participating locations.

Some good news today – your eye exam goes perfectly. No need to update your prescription this time around. However, those designer aviator sunglasses sure do look cool. Why not? You walk out with $18 extra in your pocket from the exam savings and a sweet pair of sunglasses for $40 less than the retail price.

You’ve done it – your weekend errands are complete! And despite some bumps along the way, you’ve managed to save quite a bit thanks to the everyday savings provided by your AAA membership.

Oh, but there’s one last thing. You can’t return that rental without topping off the tank. With Fuel Rewards at Shell gas stations, your AAA membership includes $0.30/gallon off your first fill-up once you sign up for their rewards program ($0.05 off additional fill-ups). You only need five gallons in your rental, but that’s still an additional $1.50 you’ve saved today.

Your AAA membership, on one Saturday trip, resulted in $306.15 in savings. And this trip is only scratching the surface of the everyday savings available to you as a AAA member.

Saving with AAA really is that easy

With savings on things like event tickets, ID theft protection, airport parking and much more, the amount of money you can save in a year can pile up fast. On top of that, AAA members have access to world-class travel and insurance services.

So next time you run out, don’t forget your AAA card or have the AAA Mobile App handy on your phone. The discounts, rewards and benefits are ready when you need them.

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