Experience the Enchanting Canyonlands

Traveling to the West’s Enchanting Canyonlands remains, to this day, one of my most favorite tours. Seeing the parks in a photo is one thing, but to have them come to life in front of you is an entirely different experience. When exploring the canyons of Arizona and Utah, one the many words that come to mind is magical. It feels as if you are in another world as you begin to explore these geological wonders.

Insight Vacations puts together the ideal itinerary for anyone wanting to see some of the best canyons out west. Traveling in style, this escorted tour will start you of in the fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada before you are swept away on a luxury motor coach to begin your canyon experience.

I highly recommend a guided motor coach tour. No canyon is a quick drive from each other, and having a comfortable, air-conditioned motor coach taking me to each location without the responsibility of driving or finding gas stations (which are few and far between) gave me the ability to focus on the actual vacation. It was truly seamless travel.

Not only is it comfortable but it’s also more practical. I know, luxury motor coach and practical travel sound silly in the same sentence, but it’s true. As I mentioned before, all the major travel spots are far away from each other, and seeing everything on your bucket list can take some time. With Insight’s itinerary, you can see Bryce, Zion, Monument Valley and the Grand Canyon comfortably in 7 days. Not to mention additional stops like Lake Powell, Oak Creek Canyon and Sedona.

Packing Tips and Travel Tips:

At the very top of the list and arguably the most important item in your suitcase, you will want some comfortable hiking shoes. Tennis shoes are acceptable as long as they have good support, however hiking boots that have structure and proper tread will be ideal for the uneven terrain you can encounter. They give you surer footing while hiking these gorgeous canyons, and your ankles will thank you after.

Much like the landscape, the weather is ever changing so you’ll want to pack accordingly. All the canyons, especially the Grand Canyon, dictates their own weather in terms of temperature and precipitation depending on the differences in elevation, so light layers that can be easily taken on and off is recommended. A travel poncho for rain rather than an umbrella would also be a good idea. Check with your local AAA travel store for light-weight, reusable, travel ponchos.

Bring a camera! A nice, wide-lens camera to capture the beauty that will surround you will be the ultimate souvenir a gift shop can’t sell you. You are going to want your camera readily available as travel shots of landscape, wildlife, and more will come and go quickly. Also, please remember that we all want to capture the best picture possible, but it’s worth mentioning that being aware of your surroundings and staying within safe parameters will make a much better shot than one where you put yourself at risk.

Take advantage of the park guides. Whether you opt for an escorted tour or travel the parks yourself you will still benefit most from having a local expert of the canyons nearby to talk about all of the natural beauty and history that encompasses each canyon.

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For trips of any size, contact a AAA agent for additional information to ensure your trip is both safe and enjoyable.