Explore Exotic Cuba

Recent changes in world travel have opened up a new possibility for American travelers: Cuba. Once unattainable, this exotic Caribbean country is no longer out of reach for travelers. If you’re considering a trip to this beautiful country, here are a few tips for planning your once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

Are there special requirements for visiting Cuba?

Yes. In addition to having a valid passport, you will need a Cuban visa, and you need to qualify for one of 12 categories for visiting the country. Carnival offers several schedules that will qualify you for category #5, Educational activities, including People-to-People exchange programs.

Can I bring home souvenirs to remember my trip?

Absolutely! There are some restricted businesses you can’t do business with, but generally, you are allowed to bring souvenirs from Cuba back to the US. You can even bring back the famous cigars and rum! Remember that as with all international travel, items you bring back can be subject customs value limits and duties.

Can I use my credit card in Cuba?

Experts suggest using cash while traveling in Cuba. Due to the recently-lifted travel restrictions only recently, your bank may not support transactions in Cuba. Many businesses still operate on a cash-only basis, so prepare and bring cash along when you arrive.

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