Find Hidden Treasures with a Trafalgar Europe Trip

From the icons to the unexpected, get those ‘pinch me’ moments through a series of Trafalgar Europe highlights other travelers may never know about — as or have access to — on more than 200 worldwide trips. Trafalgar connects you with locals proud to bring you into their homes, share their culture and tell their tales. They’ll take care of all the essentials, giving you the freedom to just be — to be in the moment, to be happy, to let your best self shine.

It’s the people and places Trafalgar has known since 1947, with feedback from over five million guests like you, that fuel our innovation to craft simply the best vacations and bring you the good life. We connect you with people and places to reveal the world’s diversity. It’s the real thing without you worrying about a thing. What are some of the hidden treasures you’ll discover on a Trafalgar trip?

A Wee Dram, Scotland

Crystal-clear water, fresh air, ample peat — there are many reasons why Scottish whisky is considered the best in the world. You’ll uncover the traditions and techniques behind the production of this liquid gold, and enjoy a wee dram at the end of your day. Experience on Best of Scotland.

Bramante Staircase, Italy

Most other travelers are not given access to the beautiful Bramante Staircase, a double helix hidden behind the Vatican’s walls. But you are. We’ll also arrange tickets for you so you can skip the entry lines into the papal conclave. Experience on Best of Italy.

Geirangerfjord, Norway

Hemmed by snow-capped mountains where waterfalls run through verdant forests, this fjord a place you have to see to believe. Take the opportunity for outdoor pursuits, or simply enjoy the crisp air on a road trip up the mountain pass. Experience on Scenic Scandinavia and its Fjords.

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