Floriade Returns to Amsterdam

Every 10 years Amsterdam explodes with all the colors of nature when it hosts the international horticultural exhibition, Floriade. This six-month-long event returns in 2022 beginning April 14. It is just one of many stops on AAA’s upcoming guided tour, Europe’s Cosmopolitan Cities: Amsterdam, Brussels & Paris, July 30-Aug. 8, 2022.

According to event organizers, “The Floriade park will be a celebration of green and sustainable technology. New technologies for greenery, food, energy and health will be researched and implemented at this living laboratory. Visitors will be touched by what they see, smell and taste. The park consists of permanent elements and expo-specific ones. All contribute to Floriade’s four subthemes: Greening the City, Feeding the City, Healthying the City and Energizing the City. Inspiring gardens, conferences, workshops and exhibitions will be mixed with impressive attractions, surprising tasting sessions, art and culture. The site will be full of energy and action. Naturally, all in wonderful, green surroundings.”

The arboretum will constitute the expo’s green structure as well as that of the future urban district, Hortus. It will be an alphabetically organized tree and plant encyclopedia that you can walk through. All the trees and plants showcased in the arboretum contribute to a healthy, green city.

Windmills and tulips in Amsterdam
At Floriade Expo 2022, visitors can experience all kinds of art and live musical entertainment from classical to jazz. The park will be full of energy and action.

In addition to a daily theater and music program, visitors also can enjoy nature art, visual arts and film. And there are special events for children. On Utopia Island, for example, a small woodland theater will feature fun children’s performances.

Forty countries will be participating in Floriade 2022. Their pavilions will be showcasing their culture, plants and innovations aimed at attaining a sustainable and more green future. France, for example, will be showcasing experimental urban furniture. Germany’s theme is “Biotopia – Growing Community” while India’s pavilion will feature a spiritual garden.

The expo will even include a Food Forum for those interested in learning more about the future of food. Can we build a sustainable food supply for the future? That’s what the Food Forum is all about.

“I love taking groups to Europe where we can experience the different culture and visit these great countries where there is so much history,” said AAA’s Eric Wertz, who will guide the 2022 Europe’s Cosmopolitan Cities tour. “Floriade only happening every 10 years provides us the unique opportunity to be a small part of history, as each Floriade is unique to itself. When you travel with me, it is more than a tour, it is an adventure. I hope you will join me on this incredible tour of Amsterdam, Brussels and Paris.”

For more information, call Eric Wertz at (330) 762-0631, ext. 70220, or email him at ewertz@aaaohio.com.

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