4 Adventures to Take with AAA

Sometimes you just need to get out and experience the natural world. But there’s more to exploring the wilderness than just taking a hike. Satisfy the adventurous spirit inside you with four of our favorite ways to get out there and into the wilds.

Breathtaking Finland

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to lead your own dogsled team deep in the heart of Finnish Lapland? Arguably, one of the best ways to take in the postcard-perfect vistas of Finland’s north country is by dogsled. Guided dogsled rides will let you experience this firsthand. Learn the commands, get acquainted with the dogs and hop on a sled for one unforgettable ride. These charming, high-energy pups are in their element as they dash through the snow, practically smiling as they guide you through the unspoiled wilderness.

Foodie-welcoming France

Maybe you’d rather experience nature in a slightly more laid-back way. If so, truffle hunting in Southern France could be a perfect adventure for you. Led by local chefs and their keen-sensed dogs, these culinary adventures take you through the forests of Gordes, France, on an exciting hunt for black truffles where they naturally grow. Many of these excursions end with a farm-to-table meal cooked by the very chefs that you “hunted” with, and often with the truffles you found on your outing.

Colorful Morocco

What about experiencing a completely new climate and landscape? Imagine this: You’re in Morocco, at the edge of the legendary Sahara Desert. Soon, you can see a string of camels approaching, led by a nomad. You saddle up, and the camel provides your transportation to a desert camp. Next, as night falls, Berber drums create the soundtrack to a delightful Moroccan feast. Finally, in the tranquil silence of the desert, you drift off to sleep in a fully equipped Berber-style tent.


Adventurous Africa

Finally, you could always go a traditional route and experience the untamed wild on an African safari. If you do hop in a Jeep and head out onto the Serengeti, get ready to fill your mind and memory card with images of Africa’s striking landscapes and variety of wildlife, including the “Big 5.” That is the checklist every adventurer wants to complete – to see a lion, a leopard, an elephant, a buffalo and a rhinoceros. Early morning and late afternoon drives are the best opportunities to spy the animals that call the African plains home.

You can find all of these experiences and more on Explorations by AAA. These are small-group guided tours designed to spark your sense of wander. You’ll find a variety of unique experiences included – some are active and even a little adventurous, some will reveal the heart of a culture, and some have the power to change your life. Hard to replicate and impossible to forget, these moments forge memories you’ll carry with you long after you’ve returned home. For more details or to book your Explorations adventure, visit your nearest AAA travel agent.