Fun Family Road Trip Games

Get these 10 Games to Keep the Kids Engaged on the Road

Shannon Jones is a Guest Writer with KeeKee’s Big Adventures

Keeping kids (and adults) entertained on long car rides is one of the secrets to better travel.

We’ve put together a fun list of 10 Road Trip Games to engage the kids and the whole family on your next road trip. No screens or batteries are required!

Download the Road Trip Game List (with complete instructions for each game), including your KeeKee Road Trip BINGO below.

The Alphabet Game

Be the first to find each letter of the alphabet in order.

The Name Game

Players take turns using each letter of the alphabet to think up a name, place to live, and occupation.

I Spy

Players take turns picking an object and giving other players clues to guess what they’ve spotted.

License Plate Game

Try to spot as many different state license plates as possible. See the download for more kid-friendly additions.

20 Questions

One player thinks of a person, place, or thing. The other players take turns asking a yes-or-no question to get clues to guess what it is.

KeeKee's Travel BINGO
KeeKee’s Travel BINGO

KeeKee Travel Bingo

The official KeeKee Travel version of BINGO. Print copies to take on your road trip.

Category ABCs

See how many things you can think of that start with the same letter.

Let’s Tell a Story

In this group game, everyone works together to create a story.


Try this word game that’s similar to the H-O-R-S-E basketball game.

Cash Cab

Based on the TV quiz show, ask themed questions about your destination, and the winners get prizes.

Car Cash

Add Car Cash to any Road Trip Games. Make play money (or use real cash) to give to the winners. They can redeem Car Cash for souvenirs and activities on the trip.

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