GoodRx & AAA: What You Need to Know

AAA and GoodRx have partnered to provide incredible savings at leading pharmacies to help AAA members save on prescriptions for the entire family, including pets. Even if you have health insurance to pay for your prescriptions, insurance co-pays are often higher than the discounts provided by GoodRx. AAA members can save up to 85% on prescriptions with GoodRx.

Join the millions of Americans who already know that the best prescription savings are found with GoodRx. Already a GoodRx user? Visit to ensure you always get the best price on your prescriptions.

Have more questions? We’ve answered some of the most commonly asked questions below.

What is the GoodRx Prescription Discounts program?

GoodRx Prescription Discounts is a new benefit of the AAA Discounts & Rewards program. AAA and GoodRx have partnered to provide incredible savings at leading pharmacies to help AAA members save on prescriptions for the entire family, including pets.

Does it cost anything to use?

No, GoodRx discounts are provided at no cost to AAA members. As long as your AAA membership is active, you will have access to these incredible discounts.

For which medications can I use this card?

You can use the GoodRx Prescription Discount card for most FDA-approved medications you are prescribed including generic, brand, specialty medications, as well as most vitamins, supplements and over the counter drugs.

Is GoodRx Prescription Discounts insurance?

No. GoodRx Prescription Discounts is not a health plan or insurance. GoodRx Prescription Discounts is a program that helps AAA members find lower drug prices at their local pharmacies. You can use GoodRx Prescription Discounts instead of your insurance as GoodRx Prescription Discounts often offers a lower price than your insurance copay. GoodRx Prescription Discounts cannot be used with your insurance or combined with any federal or state-funded programs such as Medicare.

I already use GoodRx; do I need to do anything to receive AAA savings?

Visit to print out your unique GoodRx Prescription Discount card exclusively for AAA members! Your AAA-GoodRx Prescription Discount card may help you save even more, up to 85% off the cost of your medications! Present your AAA-GoodRx card at your pharmacy along with your prescription and ask your pharmacist to update your profile information to include the new AAA card information.

If you currently use GoodRx coupons, you can also find AAA-GoodRx coupons at Present your pharmacist with the AAA-GoodRx coupon for your prescription. Locate coupons and prices by searching your drug name, dosage, form, and quantity. Then simply print, email, or text the coupon to yourself and hand it to the pharmacist on your next visit.

How do I use the GoodRx Prescription Discount card for pets?

If your pet has been prescribed a human medication like Latanoprost, the GoodRx Prescription Discounts card will work for your pet’s prescription at local retail pharmacies. When using the discount card for a pet, the pharmacist will need a DEA number (Drug Enforcement Administration number) from your vet to process the coupon and prescription. Be sure to ask your vet to include the number on the prescription.

Visit for more details, or call 1-855-470-9649, Monday – Friday, 9 AM – 5 PM CT.

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