Great Tips for New Drivers

Getting your license is a rite of passage — one that teens may look forward to more than their parents. Fortunately, we’ve rounded up top tips for new drivers that will help them stay safer on the road and get to know their vehicle.

► Get in the habit of bringing the proper supplies: Have your driver’s license and ID with you at all times. An ice scraper, gloves and a coat are important in the winter, too.

► Adjust your seat so you sit no closer than 10 inches to the steering wheel and so that you can see the road ahead.

► Minimize distractions while driving: Put your phone in a bag or the glove compartment so you’re not tempted to text or scroll.

► Forgot which side the gas tank is on? There’s an arrow next to the gas gauge on the dashboard that will point toward the tank side.

By teaching teens car basics early on, they’ll be on the right track for a lifetime of good driving habits.

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