Handmade Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

While breakfast in bed is always a winning option, handmade gifts on Mother’s Day take the cake. We’ve curated handmade gift ideas that use materials you’re likely to already have at home to help you cut back on expenses. Show Mom extra love this year by making her something that comes from the heart.

1 – Cards Are Always Welcome

Don’t discount the sentimental value of a handmade card. Pull out craft paper, stickers and markers to create something unique. Or download these printable patterns from Sarah Renae Clark.

Printable cards from Sarah Renae Clark

2 – Painted Rock Garden Markers

While stuck at home, many people have found solace in starting their spring gardens. Children can hunt for smooth rocks outside and decorate them with acrylic paints, helping mom brighten up the yard. Here are instructions and ideas from Crafts by Amanda.

Painted Rock Garden Markers from Crafts by Amanda

3 – Paint-Free Finger Paint Art

Maybe you don’t have paint at home right now. Have no fear. Just mix together some flour, corn starch, salt, water and food coloring and you’re all set. Follow this recipe from HGTV. Help kids craft finger-paint art that Mom can hang on the fridge, brightening up the whole house.

Finger “paint” from Emily Fazio (HGTV)

4 – Egg Carton Flowers

Don’t throw away your empty egg cartons. With a pair of scissors and a little paint, you can craft a beautiful gift that sings, “Spring is here!” We like these tutorials from I Heart Arts’n Crafts and The Best Ideas for Kids.

Egg Carton Flowers from I Heart Arts & Crafts
Egg Carton Flowers from The Best Ideas for Kids

5 – Pasta Bouquet

Your pantry is likely stocked with nonperishable goods. If you’re willing to part with a handful of dry pasta, this project will help you create something special for Mom.

The tutorial from Handmade Charlotte uses Campanelle pasta, acrylic paint, toothpicks, tacky glue and some card stock. But you can get creative using popular pasta shapes like rigatoni or farfalle. We think this would look beautiful in a small vase.

Pasta Bouquet from Handmade Charlotte

6 – Popsicle Stick Picture Frame

Maybe you have some popsicle sticks around from a past project. Use a hot glue gun and construction paper to adhere sticks together and create a frame backing. Then use markers or paint to punch up the color and embellish to your heart’s desire. Don’t have a metal clip? Colorful chip-clips work too. Here’s a full tutorial from A Few Shortcuts.

Colorful Popsicle Picture Frame from A Few Shortcuts

7 – Heart Corner Bookmark

All you need for this simple gift is a square of construction paper, computer paper, scrapbook paper or newsprint. Origami can be done with any type of paper you have in the house. You can keep this project simple or spend time embellishing your bookmark with a special note, stickers, or doodles. See the full tutorial with folding instructions at Easy Peasy and Fun.

Heart Corner Bookmark from Easy Peasy Fun

8 – Mod Podge Paper Weight

If Mom’s working from home, a special paperweight could brighten up her home office space. Find the perfect rock outside and grab some fabric or colorful paper scraps and you’re good to go. The idea comes from Country Living. No Mod Podge on hand? A painted paperweight is just as nice.

Mod Podge Paperweight from Country Living Magazine

9 – Paper Towel Roll Art

You likely have some empty cardboard rolls from toilet paper and paper towels available at home. Put them to work and create something beautiful for Mom.

Make “stamps” by cutting rolls into 2- or 3-inch segments. Use the organic circle shape or bend the pieces into hearts and flower petals. Dip the ends into paint and create a masterpiece. We were inspired by this wrapping paper, but you can make greeting cards or a frame-worthy piece of art.

Paper Tube Art idea from Cassidy Garcia (HGTV)

10 – String Art

Grab some colorful string or yarn scraps, card stock and a needle to create this impressive gift. Draw/trace a heart (or whatever shape you want to use) and crisscross your thread to fill the design. Check out hello, Wonderful for step-by-step instructions.

String Art by Agnes Hsu of hello, Wonderful

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Updated 4/7/2022.