How to Avoid Common Holiday Accidents

Every year, Americans suffer damage to their homes, belongings, and selves due to common holiday accidents. So, what can you do to stay safe?

Holiday mishaps. We’ve seen them in movies and read about them in articles. Ladder falls, tree fires and homes decorated with enough lights to light up an airport runway are common themes. While they may seem comical, the reality is these are no laughing matters.

Every year, Americans suffer damage to their homes, belongings and selves due to holiday blunders. So, what can you do to stay safe? Here are some common holiday accidents and how to avoid them.


Avoid-holiday-accidents-1Circuits work extra hard during the winter. People tend to spend more time indoors, running appliances, and using electronic devices. But when you add the extra lights strung up all over the house, the Christmas tree and other decorations, you run the risk of overloading your circuits. This can result in a blown fuse or a fire.

Thankfully, there are easy ways to prevent disaster.

    • Always be aware of how many devices you have plugged into a circuit and how many devices are operating simultaneously.
    • Don’t overload your circuits.
    • Don’t plug extension cords into other extension cords.
    • Make sure to unplug non-essential items when you’re not home.


Christmas trees are another common cause for concern during the holidays. Tree fires can result in hundreds of dollars’ worth of damage and injury and even death. Putting a tree too close to a heat source is a leading cause of tree fires. In less than thirty seconds, a single spark could set an entire tree aflame.

Avoid fires to protect your home and your loved ones.

    • Keep your tree at least three feet away from heat sources like radiators, fireplaces, candles or heat vents.
    • Water your live tree every day to prevent it from drying out.
    • Safely and responsibly dispose of your tree after the holiday.



Whether it’s due to lights, trees or other decorations, falls can occur during the holidays. Trying to reach high places inside or outside can be recipes for disaster.

  • Never use a chair or furniture to stand on.
  • Always use a ladder when hanging lights or decorating your tree.
  • Set the ladder on a level surface and make sure it’s locked before stepping onto it.
  • Never lean to the side, as it can cause the ladder to wobble or tip.
  • Never climb alone. Make sure to have someone with you who can support the ladder and get help if an accident occurs.

Be Prepared


Accidents can happen, even if you take all the precautions to avoid them. Never assume that disaster can’t happen to you. Make sure your homeowners’ insurance will cover you if an accident were to occur. Talk to a AAA Ohio Auto Club insurance agent today for your insurance checkup.

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