Understanding Insurance for College Students

How does insurance for college students work?  While it might not be top of mind for students heading away to school, it’s an important step.

Full-time college students living away from home should know they might have limited coverage under their parents’ insurance policies. Before leaving for college, check to see what risks and liabilities your insurance policy covers.

  • If students live in a dorm, their parents’ homeowners or renters policy covers most personal possessions. However, expensive items like computers and other electronics might be subject to coverage limits under a standard homeowners policy. If the limits are too low, you may want to consider purchasing a special personal property endorsement.
  • Students living off-campus need renters insurance. Renters insurance protects students and their belongings and can keep them from being liable if someone accidentally gets injured on the property.
  • Auto insurance coverage may depend on whether your student leaves home or stays in the area. If your student brings a car to campus and remains on your policy, coverage likely still applies. If they attend an out-of-state school, make sure insurance coverage follows them.

AAA Ohio Auto Club Insurance Agency offers policies for homeowners, renters, auto and more. With questions about insurance for college students, contact a AAA insurance agent at AAA.com/Insurance or by calling (800) 288-4467.