Keep Your Car Healthy During COVID-19 Pandemic

Even during unprecedented times, Ohioans still rely on their vehicles to get them to and from work, or simply to the grocery store. AAA is here to offer Ohio drivers assistance and advice to ensure their vehicles remain in good shape during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are some things to know:

Roadside Assistance:

AAA will continue offering 24/7 Emergency Road Service to all members. Additionally, to help those on the front line of the virus, AAA is now providing free emergency road service for all healthcare workers and first responders.

To help support the health and wellness of our employees, service providers and members, service technicians will stay six feet away from the motorist receiving assistance. AAA will aim to get motorists back on the road without towing their vehicle, but will work with the motorist to help arrange transportation should a tow be necessary. Our technicians will remain with the motorist until transportation arrives.

Protecting Vehicles at Home:

As many Ohioans work from home, their vehicles are sitting for extended periods of time. This can lead to dead batteries, flat spots on tires and other issues. AAA recommends you take the following steps to ensure your vehicle will run properly when you need it:

Batteries: While battery life depends on the age of the battery, allowing a vehicle to sit too long without driving it can drain the vehicle battery. Drivers can use battery tender to keep the battery at a full state of charge, or simply take the vehicle out for a short drive (10-15 minutes) every now and then. In addition, drivers should make sure the battery terminals are clean, tight and free or corrosion.

Tires: For those not planning on driving their vehicle for several weeks, adding an additional 10 psi of pressure to each tire can help prevent flat spots. These occur when the area of the tire touching the ground becomes rigid from sitting in one position for too long. Those still planning on driving their vehicle for essential trips can prevent flat spots by simply moving the vehicle periodically.

Fluids: If the vehicle is due for an oil change, drivers should have it done to remove any acids and contaminants. Make sure to also consider brake fluid and coolant changes if the vehicle is due for those as well. Deteriorated fluids can lead to rust or corrosion as vehicles sit for long periods of time.

Auto Shops:

Many auto repair shops will also remain open during this pandemic to assist motorists. To find a AAA Approved Auto Repair Shop, visit Just be sure to call any repair shop ahead of time to make sure they are open.

In central Ohio, AAA is offering to tow members’ vehicles to and from AAA Car Care Plus facilities, so members don’t need to leave home to have their vehicle serviced. If you are interested in utilizing this service, call your local AAA Car Care Plus center to see if you live in a qualifying zip code.

AAA is committed to helping in these difficult times. For additional information on AAA products and services offered during the COVID-19 pandemic, visit