What is There to Do at Biltmore Estate?

Are you wondering how to spend your time at the Biltmore Estate best? There is a lot this mountain region has to offer. Dive deep into the rich history of the area and be amazed by the beautiful scenery. You will find plenty of unforgettable moments on this North Carolina gem.

All of the great locations on the Biltmore Estate and Lake Lure listed below are on the Dirty Dancing Meets Filthy Rich 2021 tour booked through AAA Ohio so that you can visit everything with one fantastic itinerary!

The Biltmore House

Biltmore HouseExplore the historic interior of the Biltmore House and find thousands of hidden gems tucked away. The estate boasts 50,000 original items in the Biltmore Collection for guests to discover. Some of the most intriguing finds are the old photographs of previous residents that guests can learn about as they move through the 250 rooms. With 33 bedrooms, 45 bathrooms, a two-story library, indoor gardens, pools and a bowling alley, guests will have plenty to admire.

The estate makes it easy for visitors to navigate the grounds. There are shuttles to take guests from the parking areas to the gardens. All tours are self-guided so guests can explore at their own pace, but can take an audio tour with insightful narration on the home’s past.

Visitor Tip: Start at the south entrance to easily explore the gardens and finish up at the house.

Biltmore’s Antler Hill Village

Biltmore’s Antler Hill VillageThis sweet little village, just down the road from the Biltmore House, has plenty of old-timey, southern charm for visitors to enjoy. Filled with eateries from a British pub (Cedric’s Tavern) to Southern smokehouses and old fashioned creameries, guests can satisfy an empty stomach and a sweet tooth in one visit!

There is also a farm located at the village for families to visit the farm animals and explore the large barn. There are also plenty of activities for kids, like arts and crafts, a petting zoo and wagon rides!

Antler Hill Village is the hub for outdoor activities. There are bike rental shops for bike trails, nature walks and Land Rover® excursions. You can also take a carriage ride or Segway® tour to get the full village experience in style!

Biltmore Winery

Biltmore WinerySip the perfect glass of rosé and indulge in a wine and chocolate pairing at the Biltmore Winery, located near Antler Hill Village. Visitors tour the 15,000 acre vineyard and get a behind-the-scenes look at the facility where the wine is created and stored. Most tours include a wine tasting and a visit to the west end of the vineyard, which is a special treat as it is not accessible to those who do not take the tour.

The winery came about after George Vanderbilt began collecting high-quality wines from around the world, which turned into an interest in making his own wine. Created in 1983, guests have been enjoying the Biltmore Winery for years and years.

Wine is for sale for guests 21 years and older, so when you find the perfect flavor of red or white (or both), you can take them with you! You can also order the wine on the Biltmore Shop, so if you can’t make it to North Carolina for your favorite bottle, you can have it delivered to your home!

Lake Lure

Lake Lure North CarolineLake Lure, just over 40 minutes away from the Biltmore Estate and only 10 minutes away from Chimney Rock, is one of the loveliest sights in North Carolina. The best way to enjoy the lake is by taking a cruise to enjoy the beautiful scenery and rich history surrounding the lake. A Lake Lure Cruise included in AAA Ohio’s Dirty Dancing Meets Filthy Rich tour.

If you’re in need of a beach day and want to avoid the crowds on the coast, Lake Lure is a perfect option! Enjoy the sun and sand in Lake Lure’s unique mountainous landscape. There are also plenty of water activities, like slides, splash pads and kid-friendly areas with shallow water and lifeguards.

Lake Lure Adventure Company also provides rentals for water sports so you can kayak, boat, jet ski, and more while there.

Lake Lure Inn

Historical 1927 Lake Lure InnWhile visiting Lake Lure, be sure to spend a night or two at the historic 1927 Lake Lure Inn. Named after the year the lake was created, Lake Lure Inn has worked hard to keep its original roaring 20’s theme. Past guests have claimed it’s as if you are stepping through a time machine with the period furniture and original artwork.

Originally intended to be a fishing destination, the location became much more popular and luxurious, drawing celebrity visitors like F. Scott Fitzgerald, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Calvin Coolidge. Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey also stayed while filming Dirty Dancing. The inn was even repurposed in 1943 to house airforce pilots during World War II!

The inn attracts those looking for a luxury vacation in western North Carolina and also brings out enthusiasts of the paranormal. Some guests allege that they have witnessed spirits while staying. Fear not, though—they are known to be friendly!

The 1927 Lake Lure Inn has the Moose and Goose Lounge, a great place to visit with family. If you’re looking to relax, make a reservation for the Allure Spa, and enjoy the food at the Veranda Restaurant that overlooks the lake. It also is a popular wedding venue with great accommodations for newlyweds!

Chimney Rock

Chimney Rock State ParkChimney Rock is a geological wonder found within Chimney Rock State Park. The spire reaches nearly 315 feet in height and peaks above the tree line, providing a marvelous view of impressive mountain bluffs and beautiful Lake Lure.

Meant for visitors who seek a little more adventure, Chimney Rock State Park has countless hiking trails and rock climbing opportunities. Those who want to get to the top of Chimney Rock, but are less than enthused by the hike, an elevator is available*, which takes you to a staircase that leads directly to the top!

There is also a gemstone mine close by, horseback riding trails, and waterfalls to splash around. After a day in the outdoors, you can enjoy Chimney Rock Village, which is home to many eateries, boutiques, and family fun activities to keep you entertained.

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