Ohio Notary Services

As a AAA member, you know that comes with special benefits and services. You’ve probably called AAA for a tow or battery replacement. You may have even stopped inside your local store to grab tour books before a big road trip. But did you know AAA stores offer several other specialty services?

Before your next international trip or when dealing with legal paperwork, take advantage of these AAA store services: passport photos, international driving permits (IDPs) and notary services.

Passport Photo

Trust the AAA travel team to meet the strict passport photo specifications. Photos are $10 for members and $13 for nonmembers. Premier members even receive a free set of photos every year as an added benefit.

International Driving Permit

After taking your passport photos, AAA can help you obtain an IDP. Even if you’re not planning to drive while abroad, it’s still a good idea to have one in case you need to communicate with foreign authorities. In fact, many countries require travelers to have one.

IDPs are valid in 150 countries and include your name, photo and information in 10 languages. To obtain one, bring a valid U.S. driver’s license, two passport-size photos and $20 (plus tax).

Notary Service

AAA offers free notary services to all members at all AAA Ohio Auto Club store locations. Notaries are unbiased, impartial witnesses to document signing that are appointed by the state of Ohio. They are often needed for any important legal or financial situation that involves multiple parties, such as property deeds, wills, powers of attorney, divorce papers and business contracts.

So whether traveling abroad or signing important documents, AAA is always with you. Visit your local AAA store to utilize any of these store services.

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