Planning for Car Repair Costs

According to a AAA survey, 64 million American drivers — one in three — can’t pay for unexpected car repair costs.

Maintenance costs on most modern cars are relatively low, but common repair costs average about $500. Try setting aside at least $50 a month to cover routine maintenance, deal with unexpected car trouble and protect your vehicle investment.

“Owning and operating a vehicle is more than $8,500 a year,” said John Nielsen, AAA’s managing director of Automotive Engineering and Repair. “Besides car payments, fuel and insurance, drivers must budget for inevitable expenses like maintenance and repair.”

Prepare for the unexpected by finding a shop you can trust before you need one. AAA-owned Car Care Plus facilities in the Columbus area and Approved Auto Repair shops throughout the state provide quality, value and expertise for all your maintenance needs.

If car repair costs are high, negotiate them with the shop and ask if they give a discount. If your car requires a very expensive repair, think about getting a second opinion. This costs more, but it will confirm the diagnosis, and the second estimate could come in at a lower price.

Finally, if you must borrow to make an auto repair, ask if the shop offers financing. Unless you can pay off a loan in time, using a credit card or conventional lender can be safer.

Looking for an idea of how much a repair will cost you? AAA’s car repair cost estimator can help you understand what you’ll pay for common repairs – and provide a reference point to compare with other quotes. Visit the repair cost estimator to learn more and get a free, instant quote.