Protecting All That Glitters

Whether it be a graduation, engagement, anniversary celebration or holiday, so many life events are marked by the gift of a special jewelry piece. These rings, watches, bracelets and more carry sentimental value and often a significant price tag that can make them difficult to replace.

So, what can you do if that valuable memento is lost, damaged or stolen? It can be a stressful process to try to find a similar replacement to what you had before and the importance of replicating a piece that may be custom-made or brand-name can be daunting. Taking the time to evaluate your collection now and securing adequate insurance coverage can be the difference between feeling this frustration and having the opportunity to secure the same look and quality of
what was lost.

At AAA, there are many options for insurance coverage on jewelry pieces. Many homeowners and property policies offer jewelry scheduling as an endorsement to the existing coverage, or you can review the option of a stand-alone jewelry policy through a company like Jewelers Mutual Group.

Jewelers Mutual Group offers jewelry insurance that covers rings, watches, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and even loose stones that are being set. The “all perils” policy for jewelry provides protection from loss, theft, damage and disappearance. Plus, the coverage goes with you wherever you travel with your jewelry worldwide.

A jewelry insurance policy from Jewelers Mutual is a repair or replacement policy, meaning instead of receiving a check and searching for a replacement on your own, Jewelers Mutual’s experts work directly with your jeweler of choice to either replace your piece with the same kind and quality as the one that was lost or stolen or to repair a damaged piece.

Speak with your local AAA agent or visit the Insurance page on to review your existing coverage and assess opportunities to better protect your prized treasures.

Paige Scott is director of insurance operations and financial services for AAA Ohio.