Quarantine Activities for Your Kids

You have a conference call, but your 6-year-old is begging for your attention just minutes before the call starts. What activities do you have in your back pocket to pull out to keep them occupied during your meeting? We’ve pulled together some great resources to help your children that will not only occupy their time, but educate and enrich.

We’d like to mention that not all of these activities can be done without parental supervision. So when you are out of all of your meetings for the day, look for some of those activities to create great memories that will last a lifetime.

Educational Activities

Teach your kids how to cook. According to cookingwithkids.org, cooking gives kids a chance to explore foods with their other senses before it’s time to taste and allows them to take ownership of the food they’ve prepared.

Garden with them. It’s a great, hands-on education tool to make children more sensitive to the environment and the food they eat. It’s also a great way to nourish their curiosity and wonder. Kidsgardening.org is a great resource to get started that also offers a free monthly newsletter.

Listen to some educational kids’ podcasts like Stuff You Should Know or But Why: A Podcast for Curious Kids.

Check out some cool science projects with everyone’s favorite science guy, Bill Nye!

Go on virtual visits to places like the Louvre or the Boston Children’s Museum.

Read a new book, or have a celebrity read one to you! Many celebrities are taking to Instagram and Facebook to read children’s books in support of Save with Stories, a charitable campaign that helps provide education and meal support for kids who rely on their schools to provide that for them.

Physical Activities

Go for a walk around the neighborhood, and name all of the different animals (birds, dogs, squirrels, etc.) that live in the area as you see them.

Organize a treasure hunt! This can be done indoors or outdoors. Hide certain things around the house. Items can range from little snacks to your kids’ favorite toys. You can create a map or a list with some clues to engage both their minds and their bodies as they search around for their treasure.

Set aside some time for exercise. This can be anything from dance parties to kids’ yoga sessions. Make your own, or follow along with DJ Mel or Cosmic Kids Yoga.

Take an outdoor recess. Let your kids can let their imaginations run wild, or create an at-home gym class for them. Set up an obstacle course with household items, or teach them a new game or sport.

Creative Activities

Make use of all those old delivery boxes by building a cardboard fort, a spaceship, or whatever your heart desires. The sky’s the limit!

Make homemade playdough. Kool-Aid® playdough uses common kitchen items; not to mention it’s fun, colorful, and smells great!

Set up a paint studio. Designate a workspace with all of the things your child needs to channel their inner Picasso.

If you need some quiet time, teach your little busy bodies about mindfulness. Sit quietly for five to ten minutes. There are also apps, worksheets, and YouTube videos like Guided Meditation for Children that teach kids about relaxation.

Finally, interview each other. Many children have naturally inquisitive minds. Letting your child interview you can practice good face-to-face interaction skills. Have them write down your answers in true journalist fashion. They can even FaceTime® other relatives for interviews with them!

There are countless solutions out there. It may take time to figure out what works for your family and schedule, but anything that keeps our children engaged and happy is certainly worth the effort.

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