Reviewing Your Insurance Policies Each Year Could Uncover Discounts

“Reviewing your insurance policy each year ensures you have the coverage you need and you’re taking full advantage of available discounts and savings,” said Kathy Lawson, Manager of Insurance Client Relations at AAA Ohio Auto Club.

Some examples of discounts and savings:

Auto Insurance Discounts

Multi-vehicle discount: Insuring all of your vehicles through AAA Ohio Auto Club Insurance Agency might bring savings.

Driver training program discounts: Senior and teen drivers might be eligible for discounts by completing courses or programs.

Good student discount: You might save if you’re a parent insuring a full-time or part-time student who meets specific grade point average and driving record qualifications.

Low mileage: If you drive fewer miles, you might be able to save on car insurance.

Higher deductible, lower premium: Raising your deductible – the amount you’ll pay out of pocket before your insurance company payment kicks in – can reduce your annual premium. In this case, make sure you have enough money set aside in case you need to file a claim.

Home Insurance Discounts

New loan discount: If you recently purchased a home, your homeowner’s insurance premium might be reduced in the first year if you get a mortgage to purchase your home.

Home protection discount: Discounts might be available if your home is in a gated community or equipped with theft and/or fire protection systems.

Other Discounts

Multi-policy discounts: Insuring both your home and vehicle(s) through AAA can result in savings. Renters might also qualify for a multi-policy discount.

Loyalty discount: If you’ve insured your vehicle(s) through AAA or another insurance provider for a designated length of time (without lapses), you might be able to receive a discount.

For more information on insurance discounts, visit or talk with a AAA Ohio Auto Club insurance agent at (800) 288-4467.