Motorcycle Safety Tips for a Great Trip

May is motorcycle safety awareness month, and if you own a bike, chances are you’re itching to get back on the road this season. Before you head out, check out our tips for a safer trip.

Get fully covered.

When getting your bike out of storage, contact your insurance agent to make sure your motorcycle is insured for both collision and comprehensive coverage, so you’re protected both on and off the road.

Gear up.

Helmets greatly reduce the risk of injury or death in a crash. Remember to wear other protective gear, such as gloves and motorcycle pants, too.

Get visible.

Position yourself in the lane where drivers can see you. Keep your lights on, wear bright colors and use reflective tape, even in daytime.

Follow traffic laws.

Use turn signals for every turn or lane change. Combine hand signals and turn signals to make your intentions clear. “Lane-splitting” is illegal in all states except California.

Drivers can help share the road by keeping an eye out and knowing basic motorcycle safety. Check mirrors and blind spots before entering or leaving lanes, signal before changing lanes, and increase following distance behind motorcycles.

Motorcycle insurance is available through AAA. For more information, call a AAA insurance agent at (888) 222-6446, or visit