What to Expect at the Hard Rock Hotel

Hard Rock Hotel in Riviera Maya is a 1,264-room paradise where luxury meets satisfaction on a stage of stunning tropical views, a private white sand beach and exclusive saltwater snorkeling areas. It’s all capped off with an inviting traditional design, legendary Hard Rock hospitality and undeniable excess at every turn.

Live large at the Hard Rock Hotel in Riviera Maya and enjoy the very best of paradise for all. Or, pack your appetite for opulence and hit Heaven — an elevated and exclusive retreat for adult guests only featuring a private adult beach, superlative amenities and dining at its finest.

Enjoy a service and style that know no limits. That’s how they roll with All Inclusive amenities including experiential dining at world-class restaurants, limitless rounds of championship golf, never-ending cocktails and in-room drinks from a personal liquor dispenser, legendary entertainment and top-shelf everything across the board. It’s All Day. All Night. All Included.

Now, there’s a new addition to paradise. This isn’t your everyday kind of paradise. This is Woodward and it’s unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. This 29,000 sq. ft. shrine to lifestyle sports is built for thrills, and uniquely designed for all skill levels.

Get in on the action. At Woodward rise, flip or capture video on any number of amazing activities, from the indoor concrete skatepark to Foam Pits to Ninja Obstacle Course to ParkBoard™ and ParkSki™ indoor snowboard and ski equipment! Step up your game and utilize Woodward’s expert instructors who will guide you through private lessons or drop-in sessions through activities like Parkour, BMX biking or cheer and dance. At Woodward, there’s truly something for everyone.

Think you’re ready to take on the WreckTangle? One of the first of its kind, Woodward’s timed obstacle course is designed for both children and adults ready to rise to the challenge. Compete against your friends, yourself and challengers at other WreckTangle courses. Ninjas of any age can play as long as they’re 36” tall.

Guests can sign up for Woodward, on a first-come, first-served basis and each session lasts for 2 hours. If it’s your first time, be prepared you’ll need to complete a 45-minute introductory session of the total activity time. After that, it’s all yours!

Concerned about safety? So are they! Safety equipment such as helmets, knee pads, and elbow pads are available for rent and helmets are required by everyone when using wheeled equipment. ParkBoard™ indoor snowboards and ParkSki™ indoor skis are included in the cost of admission, and skateboards, BMX bikes, and scooters are available for rent. You can also bring your own equipment but keep in mind the staff will need to check it out first.

Get ready to shred, ski, board and rock like never before. Journey to the paradise and be treated to the best of both worlds with Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya and Woodward. Rock On!

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