RV Packing List for Your Camping Trip

Regardless if you’re traveling across the county, staying at a campsite near home, or just wanting to plan for a future trip with your RV, here is a practical RV packing list of must-have items to take along for the ride!

A father and daughter at a campfire

Home Necessities for Your RV

An RV is your home away from home, and what better way to make it feel like a retreat than by bringing house necessities? Below are some items that you may want to consider taking with you, so you’re comfortable while on the go!

RV Packing List for the Bedroom – Rather than stripping your bed and using your daily linens, dedicate a set of bedroom necessities to your RV and make camping comfortable. Bring the following with you:

♦ Sheets
♦ Pillows and pillowcases
♦ Blankets
♦ Spare comforter/quilt
♦ Portable fan for white noise and temperature control

Kitchen Packing List for Your RV – When traveling with an RV, you’re typically excited to stay off the beaten path and avoid restaurants. That means cooking your meals. Paper plates and disposable items can be appealing, but having an outdoor kitchen set that is shatter-proof ceramic or plastic is an environmentally responsible choice and well-suited for the road. Here are other essentials to pack:

♦ Hotplate, if you don’t have a kitchen
♦ Portable grill
♦ Plates
♦ Bowls
♦ Silverware
♦ Cups
♦ Pots
♦ Pans
♦ Utensils
♦ Grilling equipment
♦ Measuring cups
♦ Coffee maker
♦ Aluminum foil
♦ Plastic wrap
♦ Lighter/matches
♦ Bag clip
♦ Cutting board
♦ Water
♦ Potholders

And don’t forget cleaning supplies to make sure your area stays neat and tidy. Not only does a messy kitchen cause clutter and make the space feel smaller, it can attract bugs and vermin while in the outdoors and be hazardous while your RV is in motion.

♦ Food storage – Ziploc bags and Tupperware
♦ Trash bags
♦ Dish soap
♦ Sponges
♦ Surface cleaner – wipes and/or spray
♦ Napkins
♦ Paper towels
♦ Broom and dustpan

A pair of women enjoying the comfortable bunk in their RVBathroom Packing List for Camping – You may not pack all your daily bathroom indulgences, but bringing your basics is a must. Don’t forget:

♦ Bath towels
♦ Travel shampoo
♦ Travel body wash
♦ Toothbrushes
♦ Toothpaste
♦ Hand soap
♦ Toilet paper
♦ Deodorant

Bathroom storage is also important and extremely helpful by making your space feel managed and clean. Some helpful items to consider packing:

♦ Toothbrush holder
♦ Shower caddy
♦ Suction cup soap dishes

Toolbox Basics for Your RV Packing List

Any of the basics you would find in your workshop or garage are a good idea to bring for any issues or setbacks that may arise. You never know what might break or need handy-work while you’re on your adventure.
♦ Wrench set
♦ Screwdriver
♦ Scissors
♦ Duct tape
♦ Bungee cords
♦ Rags
♦ Extension cord
♦ Surge protector
♦ Wheel blocks
♦ Level
♦ Rope or string

AAA Membership Card!

Senior couple on a hike displaying a AAA membership cardYour membership card is one of your most useful tools while traveling in your RV. Plus and Premier levels of AAA memberships have special RV coverage that provide emergency services like towing and roadside assistance.

Not only will roadside assistance come in handy, but your AAA membership can save you money with its discounts and rewards! Check out the AAA Discount & Rewards page to find ways you can save before and during your RV getaway.

Outdoor Comforts for Your RV Packing List

The inside of your RV may have plentiful seating, but that doesn’t mean you can forget about outside! Spending time around the fire or relaxing in the sunshine are must-do activities while camping.

♦ Weatherproof and fold-up chairs or loungers
♦ Fold-out table
♦ Portable hammock
♦ Deck of cards
♦ Campfire wood and kindling
♦ Fire starter
♦ Fire sticks for s’mores or hotdogs
♦ Portable speaker
♦ Yard games
♦ Picnic blanket
A woman lounging in the shade of her RV awning

First Aid Essential

A first aid kit is a practical way to make sure everyone stays safe—especially in situations where you may be waiting for medical personnel. Scrapes and bug bites are common while camping and you’ll want to be prepared. Here is a list of medical items to consider:

AAA first aid kit
♦ Backup prescription medications
♦ Epi-pen
♦ Inhaler
♦ Bandages
♦ Gauze
♦ Eye dressing
♦ Antiseptic
♦ Antihistamines
♦ Ibuprofen/acetaminophen
♦ Laxatives
♦ Bug spray
♦ Anti-itch cream
♦ Sunscreen
♦ Antacid
♦ Benadryl
♦ Aloe vera

Emergency Road Side Kit

Emergency items for the road are an absolute necessity for your RV packing list. Supply your vehicle with the following:

♦ Fire extinguisher
♦ Wheel blocks
♦ Tire pressure gauge
♦ Road flares
♦ Flat tire inflator
♦ Flashlight
♦ Spare batteries
♦ Jumper cables
♦ Traction aid – chains or cat litter
♦ Portable phone charger
♦ Water bottles
♦ Extra motor oil and transmission fluid
AAA emergency road kit

Be certain you keep the emergency kit off the ground, so it’s less likely to be jostled around and get damaged. Keep emergency items in a dedicated space that’s easy to find and make all passengers aware of its location.

Maps and TourBooks

Yes, you probably have GPS either on your smartphone or built into your RV, but including updated roadmaps on your RV packing list is important in case you get lost. Roadmaps at AAA locations are available to members for free, and you can also stop in and grab a AAA TourBook® to find great places to eat, stay and see. Browse and order maps ahead of your trip here.

When it comes to camping, it’s best to always be prepared. Contact an AAA agent to steer you in the right direction for all of your future traveling needs.