Safe Travel with Your Pets

Our pets are like family. It’s no wonder we want to bring them along on our family vacations and trips! However, making sure your pet travels safely is just as important as the safety of the people going on your trip.

  1. When packing, make sure to include extra food and water for your pet. If your plans change, or you get stuck somewhere, Fido needs to eat too!
  2. If you are taking your pet along on a road trip, be sure to have a way to secure them safely in the vehicle. This means confining them to an area of the car with a seatbelt harness or carrier, which also will be less distracting for the driver.
  3. If you are taking your four-legged friend on an airplane, be sure that you understand all of your airline’s rules and regulations for traveling with your pet. Many airlines have specific guidelines for pet carriers that keep your pet safe while in flight.
  4. Whenever you travel with a pet, be sure that their tags are up to date, and that you have a recent photo of them with you. Travel can be scary and stressful for pets, which may make them more likely to escape from you.

No matter your destination, AAA can help with planning and ensure that you and your pets end up at your destination safely. Stop by your local AAA store for trip bookings or TripTiks® to help make your trip a smooth one!