Safety Upgrades with AAA Escorted Tours

Exploring by motorcoach with safety on an escorted tour

By traveling with a name you trust, you know your safety is our top priority at AAA—especially safety on an escorted tour. We have taken careful consideration of precautions taken for members to feel safe, while also getting one out on the open road again! Please take a look at the upgraded safety measures we have taken at AAA to ensure our members, clients, and employees stay healthy and safe while on our AAA group tours.

Physical Distancing

Physical distancing is important to safety on an escorted tour
Physical distancing is vital with all forms of travel. Now more than ever, safety on an escorted tour is valued, and we value our personal space. Our motorcoach groups at AAA will have a smaller occupancy than previous departures, allowing for space between travel parties onboard. We will provide a seating chart that will ensure focused safety.

Face Coverings

A motorocoach driver practicing safety on an escorted tour

By the World Health Organization’s (WHO) guidance, we require all travelers to bring their personal, washable face coverings. While we recommend that face coverings are worn at all times during the tour, here is when they are required:

  • Boarding
  • Off-boarding
  • Touring in areas that are state/city-mandated at the time of travel

Enhanced Cleaning Protocol

Cleaning protocols are vital to safety on an escorted tour

The best way to promote safety on an escorted tour is to start with the mode of transportation. AAA Ohio’s partners continue to sanitize their motorcoaches before the start of each journey. In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, AAA has taken additional safety measures to elevate hygiene and sanitization practices per WHO’s guidance and as required by local government rules and regulations.

Detailed sanitizing processes, such as cleaning all areas of the units with cleaners and EPA registered sanitizers, (including Celeste Sani-Cide EX3, approved on the EPA list-N for Covid-19). Units are electrostatically disinfected, and Ozone treated between trips.

Journey managers and motorcoach drivers have been trained in the latest hygiene protocols and will clean and disinfect all surfaces, including but not limited to:

  • All air filters – replaced between trips with antimicrobial filters to effectively reduce transmission while avoiding loss of fresh air circulation.
  • Handrails
  • Door handles
  • Seats
  • Overhead lockers

On the Road Protocol for Safety on an Escorted Tour

Passengers will also need to practice personal measures to ensure safety on an escorted tour

As stated above, the motorcoach will be cleaned regularly throughout the journey together, but there will be other precautions taken so that we can all travel comfortably together.

Drivers have been trained on the new policies and are sanitizing all common contact points while passengers are off the motorcoach. Drivers will have masks and gloves on while loading/handling luggage. In addition, guests should keep onboard restroom use to a minimum.

We ask that passengers follow hygiene practices recommended by the WHO, including thorough and regular hand washing/sanitation. To make this easier, motorcoaches are supplied with:

  • Disinfectant
  • Sanitizing wipes
  • Hand sanitizer

Additional packing items that are not required but are recommended for travelers for personal comfortability while both on the motorcoach and out exploring:

  • Additional hand sanitizer
  • Rubber gloves
  • Antiviral spray
  • Sanitation wipes

Temperature Checks

Staff and passengers will undergo temperature checks every morning

In order to stay diligent and keep our travelers safe, AAA has routine screenings for journey managers and drivers set in place. Journey managers will perform temperature checks for all passengers before each morning’s boarding as well. We assure you this will be a seamless part of the journey.

Some questions about safety on an escorted tour to consider:

“What happens if a passenger falls ill?”
If a passenger starts to run a fever or become too ill to travel during the trip, the affected person and their party will be isolated, and arrangements will be made to get them to a local medical facility as soon as possible.

“Will this delay the trip?”
While we want all passengers to be happy and safe, we have to act on what’s best for the whole group. After we have ensured the ill passenger is in good hands, the trip will move forward while they are treated and sent home to avoid any further delay.

“What happens if a journey manager or driver becomes ill?”
If a journey manager or driver becomes ill, a replacement will deploy to take over the tour.

A Name You Can Trust for Safety on an Escorted Tour

AAA motorcoach awaiting its passengers

AAA is excited to roll out these new upgrades to their motorcoach group standards and ensure safety on an escorted tour. We want to give you the confidence to travel again. We are also proud to partner with touring companies, cruise lines, hotels, restaurants, and venues that take our guests and members’ health and safety as seriously as we do.

For more information go to our groups page to learn about tours and our journey managers!

AAA Ohio Auto Club and its affiliates will cover no expenses incurred should a traveler fall ill during a scheduled trip. These expenses will be the sole responsibility of the traveler and their party. This document will continue to change on a moment’s notice to comply with WHO and CDC guidelines. Members will not be notified of the updates prior to the document being changed.

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