Best Phone Apps for Traveling Overseas

Now more than ever, staying connected while traveling is a must for travelers. When it comes to international travel and technology, it’s better to be over-prepared than under-prepared. Consider getting an international phone plan for your international trip.

If you have never traveled overseas before, you will also want to make sure you have the correct adapter and/or converter to charge your electronics.

Now that you’ve gotten your international phone plan and charging adapter, you’ll want to check out some useful apps to make your travel even easier. Check out some of the top apps used by many people traveling overseas to make sure you not only stay connected but also make the most out of your travels.

10 highly recommended apps for traveling overseas:

  1. Whatsapp Messenger: Use this free app, which can run on wi-fi or cellular data, to stay in touch with friends and family while traveling. You can share photos and send text messages without incurring international text message charges.
  2. Google Translate: You can type, record voices or words, or even take photos of words for translation. This will not only help with communicating with the locals, but will also assist in reading any signage that’s not in English.
  3. Currency converter: Budgeting money can be difficult when you do not know how much you are spending in U.S. dollars. Download a currency converter so you can quickly determine how much you are actually spending.
  4. Your destination’s public transportation app: When traveling around in a foreign country, you might not understand how their public transportation works. Large international cities have created apps to help you understand their public transportation systems.
  5. Lonely Planet: Get your destination highlights, no matter where you are. From restaurant recommendations to attractions you can’t miss, Lonely Planet has plenty of information for you to quickly access your destination’s highlights.
  6. TravelSmart (Allianz Global Assistance): You do not have to have travel insurance through Allianz to find this app useful, but it does do a lot more if you do. Through this app you can locate nearby hospitals, have emergency numbers at your fingertips, and translate medical terms. If you do have insurance through Allianz, they are able to create predictive claims, meaning they will start a claim process for you if they see your travel is delayed or canceled.
  7. AAA: Trust our app like you would trust our agents. Find destination information or even book tours through the app. For some destinations, vouchers can even be immediately emailed to you.
  8. Google Maps: Want to know how far away you are from the closest ferry boat? Pull up Google Maps to see if you should walk or grab a taxi to your desired destination. You can also take a quick look at Google Maps to find a restaurant nearby if you are out and in need of a bite to eat.
  9. Mobile Passport: Save yourself some time and speed up your security process by going through an express lane at several airports and cruise ports.
  10. Airline app: Download the app for your airline to enjoy an easier check-in process, flight tracking and mobile tickets, all at your fingertips.

For trips of any size, contact a AAA agent for additional information to ensure your trip is both safe and enjoyable.

Jade Brown is a product specialist at AAA Ohio Auto Club.