Tips for Snowbirds on their Journey Back Home

Returning to Ohio from Your Winter Residence

For many, spring marks the return to your primary residence after spending the winter months in warmer climates. Here are some tips for your big move back to help you on your journey home.


Before you leave – Make sure you’re all packed. With extended stays, it’s likely a larger packing list than a quick getaway. Making a list of everything you need ahead of time and crossing it off as you pack can help to make sure you have everything you need. Don’t forget to double-check under your bed, in your drawers, closet and other locations that often can easily get overlooked.

Check for closures – Every state, county and city has specific closure rules in place. Check this roadway map from AAA National before jumping in the car. It shows current COVID-19-related travel restrictions in the U.S. and Canada. Be aware of whether you are allowed to travel and if you need to take a different route.

Car health – After making the long drive home, it’s a good idea to make sure your car is still healthy and ready for any local driving. If you need repairs, consider scheduling an appointment at the AAA Car Care Plus facility closest to you. And if you experience car issues on the journey back home, our roadside assistance team is also available.

What you should know about gasoline blendsFueling up – Did you know that the AAA Ohio Mobile App will show you a map of gas stations near you and compare prices for you so you can always find the best rates on gas? Downloading the app before your trip is an easy and convenient way to always stay up-to-date on when and where you can save during your trip. Additionally, AAA Discounts and Rewards offers members many great discounts, like at least 5 cents off the gallon on every fill-up at Shell!

Hotels – You might need to stay somewhere overnight if you’re traveling a far distance. You can easily find and book your hotel stay with AAA here. Be sure to also check out AAA hotel discounts to find the best deals for your overnight stay.

Learn about the AAA Ohio travel offering and contact an agent to book your next destination today.