Top 10 Reasons to Use a Travel Agent

Are you thinking about taking that dream vacation, but aren’t sure where to start? Consider using a AAA travel agent to make sure your next trip is seamless.

#1 – Travel agents are timing experts. They have seen it all, and they can provide insightful suggestions to help you make the most of your time while on your trip. No matter where you’re headed.

#2 – Is your wanderlust taking over? Your travel agent can help you narrow down your travel bucket list and help you get to the destination of your dreams.

#3 – AAA Travel agents can get exclusive deals that aren’t otherwise available. Extra amenities can be a bonus when booking with a travel agent, too! The price might look the same when you’re booking at home, but AAA travel agents can offer exclusive AAA benefits you can’t get anywhere else.

#4 – Travel agents can provide expert advice to make the most of every dollar spent when planning your vacation. They can help build an itinerary that will check off your bucket list stops, while staying within budget. They can also help select the best time to visit your destination, so you can make the most of your budget.

#5 – Travel agents can give you tips on more than just your trip planning. They can provide safety suggestions, give you suggestions on what to pack and assist with passports and visas.

#6 – Planning your honeymoon? Our travel experts can help you plan your dream honeymoon within your budget. Leave the honeymoon details to your travel agent and spend more time planning your big day.

#7 – If unexpected issues arise, travel agents can help you navigate delayed flights and other frustrating logistics so your trip doesn’t go off-course.

#8 – Getting to know your travel agent means they can help you plan vacations to fit your needs and interests. As your family grows, your travel agent can provide tips to make sure that every vacation fits your family’s wish list and help plan lasting family memories.

#9 – Traveling with a group? A travel agent can help coordinate the schedule for everyone coming to your family reunion or weekend getaway. AAA even has a group travel expert who can ensure that your trip is a success.

#10 – If you are celebrating a special occasion, your travel agent can be an excellent resource. Whether it’s coordinating a special meal out, or planning a surprise for your loved ones, your AAA travel agent can help you make it a trip with memories that last a lifetime.

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