Trip or Treat? Get Both with The Villa Experience

Sweet Escapes for Families

By Kelly Anne Gould for Travel Impressions

There’s no doubt that 2020 has felt like one long trick … meaning we all could use a treat this Halloween. With the usual festivities out, it’s time to look elsewhere for a sweet surprise to lift everyone’s, well, spirits. And what could satisfy that craving more than finally taking your family vacation?

Under normal circumstances, deciding where to stay can be like trying to agree on just one kind of candy. But while you can always go for a mixed bag of chocolates, finding accommodations to please everyone is nearly impossible.

… Or is it?

Imagine, instead of going door to door, finding every treat you could want behind one entry: the entrance to a grand estate. It’s secluded, beautiful, and set on grounds so sprawling, social distancing is second nature. Everyone has their private bedroom, with extra rooms for homeschooling or working in peace. Even the surroundings are quiet: no stumbling across other travelers or sharing amenities.

Now, imagine every detail’s been prepared just how you like it. From the fully stocked pantry—including the only foods your pickiest eaters will scarf down—to your favorite model of car parked in the driveway.

No, it’s not a setting you’d only find in a Gothic novel. In fact, it’s a very typical scene when it comes to The Villa Experience by Travel Impressions.

A choice of more than 2,000 vetted villas in 50 countries gives you plenty of options based on your needs, whether that’s a property that lets the doggo come along or one that’s great for young kids. (Villa specialists can even let you know the depth of the pool.) Accessible homes are available, too, equipped with ground-floor bedrooms, shower benches, and limited stairs.

Basically, any request you can make, their concierge can make it happen in advance so that all you need to do when you arrive is relax. Want a private tour? They’ll set up the ultimate personalized excursion together with your AAA travel agent. Want to eat at the area’s hottest restaurant? They’ll know just the place, and get you a reservation. What if you really want to make sure your villa is spotless? They can arrange additional cleaning services, on top of the daily housekeeping included at many properties.

The best part, though? You don’t even need to leave the United States. Take the kids to Orlando—but be warned, they’ll want you to recreate the character-themed bedrooms at home! Visit New York City dressed up for fall (or, even more spectacular) the holidays.

Suppose you want to reconnect with family you’ve gone too long without seeing. In that case, we encourage you to pick a villa with outdoor activities: a luxury lodge in the Great Smoky Mountains or a beach house in Hilton Head. Of course, if you’d rather play in the water, Hawaii can’t be beaten during whale season.

When it comes to Halloween goodies, you and the kids will remember your trip together long after the last lollypop’s been eaten.

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