Two Financial Resolutions to Make for 2018

Whether you’re happy with the way your bank account looks or not, January is a great time to make some wallet-positive financial resolutions for the coming year.

  1. Plan ahead. Keep an eye on big events going on throughout the year. Knowing a special occasion is on the horizon allows you to start setting aside the funds you’ll need to enjoy it the right way. Don’t let unexpected financial troubles take away from your experience!
  2. Cut out unnecessary spending. Think back to your plans for this year and allocate money accordingly: Are you more likely to remember ordering out for lunch, or that you finally took a family road trip? Curtail non-essential expenses so you can spend on the moments that matter.

Ensure you’re prepared so you can enjoy every minute of your next special occasion. To learn more about AAA savings, money market and CD accounts by Discover, visit