Types of Travelers You’ll See on Your Next Flight

Thinking ahead for your next vacation? See who you identify with most for your next adventure to an airport, and check out some of our tips for making the most of limited suitcase space, as well as how to select the best bag for your next trip.

The Underprepared Traveler: This person is the one with things hanging out of their suitcase; who has too many bags and often has full sized shampoo and brand new bottles of water in their carry-on. They may have even forgotten their government-issued photo ID. Avoid this by being prepared with appropriately sized toiletries if you’re carrying on, and getting to the airport with time to spare.
The Family: Traveling in a pack, families are noticeable in the airport. They arrive early, and help each other manage the stress of travel. Be patient with these travelers, as many are traveling with children on their very first flights.
The Business Traveler: Traveling light, the business travelers have seen everything. They don’t bat an eye at delays and they most definitely are experts at getting through security quickly. They might be glued to their cell phones, but they are wonderful resources when it comes to knowing the ins and outs of airports across the country.
The AAA Traveler: Armed with knowledge gained from their AAA travel expert, these travelers are prepared for anything that comes their way. Delayed flights? This traveler has an expert who’s got their back and, more importantly, is ready for everything on their next big adventure. They’re also prepared with internationally-compatible outlets, travel pillows and more, all from their AAA store.

No matter where you’re headed, AAA can help make your next trip a success. Whether it’s expertly coordinating flights, making sure you have the right gear or just giving you tips on how to navigate the airport, your AAA agent is here to help. Stop by your local store to talk with one of our travel experts and ensure that you’re the AAA traveler in the airport on your next trip.