7 Winter Car Prep Tips

Winter car prep is essential to endure the harsh driving conditions that come with the season. Your vehicle’s charging and starting system, headlights, tires and windshield wipers all need to be ready for frigid temperatures, snow and icy roads. To make sure your vehicle is prepared for the months ahead, take some time to perform the following maintenance tasks:

  1. Clean any corrosion from battery posts and cable connections.
  2. Correct any engine problems at a repair shop.
  3. Replace worn windshield-wiper blades and remember to carry an ice-scraper.
  4. Inspect all lightbulbs and replace burned-out bulbs. Clouded or yellowed headlights reduce the amount of light produced by nearly 80%, according to AAA research. Purchase a DIY kit or visit a AAA Approved Auto Repair shop to restore clouded headlights.
  5. Have the exhaust system checked for leaks, and look for holes in the trunk and floorboards.
  6. Examine tires for wear and tear, and check the pressures once a month or before a long trip.
  7. Make sure your car is stocked properly; warm blankets and gloves, a flashlight, a car cell phone charger, snacks and an ice scraper are all good to have in case of a roadside emergency.

Get peace of mind from a professional inspection. Visit AAA.com to schedule an appointment at one of our Car Care Plus facilities or find an Approved Auto Repair facility near you. AAA members receive 10 percent off labor costs and tire installations at Car Care Plus facilities every day, every season.

One Reply to “7 Winter Car Prep Tips”

  1. I thought this was a nice list to receive as many people just don’t think to “prepare” for winter
    until it’s cold and the car doesn’t start.

    I have my vehicle serviced periodically and know to have certain items checked beside
    changing the oil and new filter.

    I’m a 78 yrs. old lady, but yrs. ago my husband owned and operated a service station
    and towing service so I remember the basics. All of the new electronic/computerized
    items are a mystery.

    Thank you for the list.

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